We started off down the road heading West. After a few hours when we came to the first fork in the road, Northwest and Southwest, we started trailblazing our way into the wilderness. Continuing west along the plains. Upon one of us noticing a thread of smoke billowing, we turned to start heading toward it. Timmy, after a short conversation, went ahead to scout out what the smoke was coming from. Upon returning Timmy told us it looked to be a wagon set ablaze! Together we approached the still burning wagon. We determined that what was aflame was a chest inside. Using the power of teamwork, we weakened and put out the flames. With the immediate concern dealt with, we noticed two bodies just past the smoldering carriage. They lay on an intricate tile walkway, beside an un-managed pumpkin patch. Zandaris went to find out more as a few of us searched the burned chest and wagon. Inside the wagon some coin to be had, hot from the fire.

Suddenly Zandaris was attacked as the ground came up to bite at their legs.
Rushing into action, we each went to help.
The tiles themselves seemed to be deforming, stretching and moving to attack at them.
As everyone began getting in position another area of tiles attacked, and then another!
We still outnumbered them, but the battle would be hard fought.
Zandaris managed to escape the ones directly by them and ran through the pumpkin field, firing arrow after arrow.
After working together to down one, Khora was able to attack and pull another of the monstrosities away from a near dying companion, only to have it move to attack her instead.
Several times our compatriots seemed to be at their limits, when a magical word managed to pull the from the brink.
Johann moved quickly to spread words of healing to those who had fallen.
Not far away between Timmy, Calwar, and Gutten, the third of these stone walkway fiends was biting each in turn, sometimes grabbing to hold us down.
Timmy, after managing to escape its grasp, got a distance away and began firing arrows.
In that moment, the tile terror managed to knock both Gutten and Calwar down.
Pulling a goodberry from their pouch, Johann managed to revive Calwar, and with the last of his healing power, pull Gutten back from unconsciousness as well.
In an attempt to give us time to run, Calwar caused the monster to let out a continuous horrid noise as it began to laugh uncontrollably.
But in the same instant, an arrow hit and it managed to recover.
It began to attack both Gutten and Calwar once again, both using arcane defensive magics in an attempt to save themselves.
After a small amount of scuffling with the mimic, it managed to land a massive blow, pushing through Calwar’s arcane shield and snapping his neck.
Mere seconds later, the final arrows pierces the two remaining monsters, ending their thrashing.
Zandaris rushing to help Khora, who managed to regain consciousness after taking the brunt of the other mimic.
The fight was over. We rested for a short while to regain our breaths, then buried not only the two we found, but our deceased companion as well.
Rest in Peace Calwar the Wizard.

After scavenging a few of the pumpkins that hadn’t gone bad, we moved a distance away to set up camp. After starting a fire below a nice tree, we began our night of rest. It wasn’t until more than half way through the night, when the third watch saw someone approach. It was an elfish looking man who did not carry a weapon openly. After a short chat with him, he called himself Izekiel, Gutten deemed him safe to spend the rest of the night by our fire. A foolish mistake. For only a short while into the final shift, the man transformed back into its doppelganger form, attacking Khora, who seemed to have figured out its. Luckily, everyone sprung up in mere moments and after Khora forced it into the fire, we all beat it to death. Burning the corpse after checking it for valuables.
Tired after the long night, we finished our rest. The next morning, we agreed to head back to town. After part of a days travel back East along the road, we arrived in town safely. Slightly more knowledgeable, but a member down.