It has been some time since i have made a note of things. Most recently I travled with a small group to explore rummors of strange and foul things in the nearby woods. Alessio was a familiar face along with some new blood, a very interesting one called Misaka. The others were Rhagor, Skorphina, Qar, and Jyn. We left the safety of town and made our way to an inn near the woods where we learned more of the strange things happening around the area.

From there we made our way into the woods propar, and before to long happened across something strange and foul indeed.

A giant fey spider and some hideous monstrosity of a man emerged and attacked our party, after much fighting we managed to put down the strange pair and searched the area for clues before finding another unpleasant suprise

After talking to Phil, the instinct driven Saytr, the party moved on deeper into the woods.

A dark druid was working some foul magics upon a Treant that slumbed there. We waisted no time and made the first strike, at which time the Druid commanded the treant and a minor tree under his command to attack us.

I targeted the druid mainly as he seemed the most threat and we did not want to kill or hurt the Treant is able. We managed to take down the druid and other enemies, we were even lucky enough to calm the Treant, however our luck stopped there as a new enemy reviled itself.

Before us appeared a powerful devil wo proclaimed its name to be Belfador before dealing a devastating blow to Rhagor. We all attacked Belfador yet did no serious damage before the devil fled to attend to who knows what other foul deeds. With no deaths and a mission at least party completed we made our way back home with no issue.

Even now hours later I can not shake the foreboding feeling that has clung to me since seeing that devil Belfador. I worry what such a creature could be up to and it is not to be understimated. I know it is planning something. – Emerion Frostweld