We started the day with six…. Rijax the human, Arbitio the wee wizard with big personality, Sekar our oddly reptile-ish leader, Rein our scout and general “man about the woods”, Sven the Cleric, and me Tyil Blackraven your erstwhile narrator.

The journey to the caves was mostly uneventful besides Sekar talking to some purple people. Upon reaching the cave it was lit by luminous fungi and patrolled by an ankheg. The ankheg seemed to think Sekar tasted like chicken, but Sven endeavored to keep him alive. I cursed the beast in hopes of bringing him to heel. Arbitio the halfling charged around the corner firing magic missiles *POP* *POP* *POP*. My fellow Warlock Rein also cursed it in the name of “Helm”? The ankheg would not let go, but the wizard bent fate to release him from it’s grasp.Rein attacked with his magicked sword repeatedly and the halfling tried unsuccessfully to hit it with acid. I kept trying to freeze it with my ray, but missed twice. Sven and Rijax whiffed in quick sucession only for the heroic little wizard to down it with a final barrage of missiles.

Sven healed Sekar and we continued through the dwarven ruins.We came across writing which Arbitio deciphered with magic. He said,”It says Home Sweet Home in deepspeech.”

Continuing our expedition we came across a stuck door and tried bashing it open.


A Roper attacks! Whilst Nil the owl tried to distract it I Hexed it and backed away throwing an errant dagger.Soon the roper had grabbed half the party and tried to eat them. Rein swung futilely, but Rijax broke free from his tentacled embrace. The roper proceeded to start dragging the others away. Arbitio attempted to save the day again blasting the monstrosity with magic rocking it enough to momentarily put Rijax to rights. Amazingly, Rein ordered it to “DROP” and it did! There’s no making sense of these creatures. The halfling tried to splash acid up it’s backside, but to no avail. Rein then told it quite sternly to “FLEE” umm… and it did!? But true to it’s evidently schizophrenic nature it soon rounded back. The halfling’s luck finally fell through and he was rendered unconscious by the beast. I then somehow managed to slow it with a ray of frost and Rijax rocked it with a wee but loud and mighty magic bell. Escaping the roper we then encountered a mimic which we made short work of and headed quickly away from “Nope Rope’s Den of Terror.”