PCs: Vell, Ignitus, Korth, Lheesi, Nugget, Tohil, Thorik, Rig

Walking through the streets, Rig speaks to something unseen.
Rig follow Voll to fungus cave.
Rig see fly snakes. Rig only talk. Fly snakes not evil
Evil wind pushing Rig and Nugget away
Thunderstorm struck Ignitus
turning around, Rig looks a little surprised.
Evil fungus attack not-kinskins in cave.
Fungy look evil for Rig. Rig slay evil.
Tohil sword on fire. Tohil also slay evil.
a harsh look on his face, Rig continues talking to the air.
Rig talk with froggy. Froggy not much talk.
Thorik send Rig out. Froggy turn evil.
Rig back cave. Rig slay more evil.
Yes, Yes, Rig find treasure.
After Rig’s face had lightened up a bit, he looks now a little ashamed.
Rig swim., not so good  Korth helped.
Rig see fly fungy. Rig want to talk.
No, No. Nugget burned fly fungy, Rig just protect Nugget
Ignitus want to burn everything.
Big evil fungy. All retreat. Rig not strong to fight alone, big fungy.
Rig could not protect. Thorik head smashed. Bird save Ignitus.
Now with a grimmer face, Rig continues his way, talking to his surroundings here and there.
But Rig promise. Rig get stronger. Rig protect the weak. Rig slay evil.

Evils to hunt

evil tentacle fungus

does not like fire.
easy to hit.
Swings lots of tentacles.
hard to resist.

evil spore frog

does not talk.
Easy to hit.
be aware on frog death

evil explode ball

Hovers above and sneaks down.
Easy to slay. Explodes and poisons.

evil fly mushroom

Not like fire.
Does not fight good, files away.

evil mushroom hairs

Very dangerous. Very big.
Near invulnerable. Gets really quick.
Rig hurt it a little with some divine.
Flee if not hurt it.