Vampires, Undead, Cube things, and not enough cube things!

DM: Calmseeker
Players: Kage (Ssej’lexi), SlyOkami (Dexter) Geokhan (IronAle), Tsi88 (Gonzo), FireEverath (Hillval), Tempyvixen (Inti), Olli (Kepesk).

I have learned from people that writing a document with information is a good thing.
They say, Information is power. Ssej likes power, so he writes down information. Yes?

Ssej write down events. so other people can learn things. This is good.Events Transpired as follows:

Events transpired as follows:

  1. We Travel to Inn, see floating skull, see people smashing floating skull. Move to assist. Floating skull go away.
  2. Find strange man, he tells us of cube mage-thing and vampire spawn. asks us to clean up mess. We agree.
  3. We travel through woods on our way to dungeon-thing. Encounter not much, but hunt was good! Many food!
  4. During watch, I talk to Diego, we discuss many things, he asks why Ssej not cold, I ask why he not cold? We talk about why things not cold in cave! Many questions!
  5. We travel further inland. Search tracks, lead to hill with entrance. We go inside. Cave not very dark, but kind of dark.
  6. Find large crystals that shoot lightning, apparently place is magical. This is interesting, should return and take crystal! As later noticed, good at zapping things. If take, then good to zap all things, don’t even have to cook the things!!! VERY USEFULL!!!
  7. Travel further into cave. Good eye teammember, spot thing on ceiling, is vampire (?). So we fight!
  8. Ssej not good fighter, but magic strong, yes? So Ssej use magic to fight. Now Ssej good fighter too. Ssej spells fizzle couple of times, maybe crystal doing magical things? (Should really go back and take crystal home, very usefull! Or make dagger out of crystal!!! Good plan!)
  9. We fight undead things and ONE (only one?) Large cube thing. I heard this was dungeon of cube guy? Where is more cubes? Or at least squares? I am confused? Why name self cube-guy if not make more cubes???? Ssej does not understand human names, very confusing. They no make sense!
  10. Long fight but enemies are now dead, or dust. Smart team shoot ceiling, sun comes in, vampires do not like sun, They turn into dust, strange, but is ok, Dust no fight us, so dust is better than vampire. Other undead try to run away from group, but run into lightning from crystals, goes zap and then poof, dead on the ground. also dust. not sure if because vampire, or because potent lightning. Ssej must take crystals to investigate!
  11. Group grabs sword we need for weird guy at tavern. Leave Cave-dungeon. Cube-guy shows up, has weird thing on his face with many squares. This why he call himself cube-guy? Very confusing. but maybe this is normal in human cultures??? Ssej was distracted by this, so didn’t hear much of what cube-guy said. Not all the information, Sssej apologize.
  12. Travel home is uneventful. not many things. But hunt was good! Talk more to the cat-people, they are called the Tabaxi? Strange name, not very informative, maybe it mean something in their own language? Ssej must learn more. They are fascinating. Ssej thinks Diego’s tales not all true perhaps. he tell many, but not all are… good stories, yes?

Ssej has written down information in useful way. Ssej hope other people also get power from information, yes?
Ssej promise to return to cave, get crystal, maybe make daggers or spear out of crystal, seems like good plan!