DM: Neal

Party: Daffofil, Thorain, Blue, Dexter, Sammal, Kavor

We met with Damien Prince of the Guards townsman and gathered the party together and gave us the task f tracking down a fugitive that had killed multiple people. The information told us that the fugitive was heading towards the blood eye clan.

The first day of travel was uneventful. We came across an undead corps with fungus coming out just outside of our camp we set up for the night. We decided to light the body on fire to destroy the fungus and moved camp further away from the body.

The second day we noticed a ruined house that was half a mile away from an intersection heading towards the Blood Eye Clan camp. There were several hobgoblins that scurried in the building as we arrived and we talked to an older hobgoblin that was armored and said he was a a prior trainer of ogres. He informed us that the Blood Eye clan base that is up the road was attacked by come form of carnival that mainly wiped out the clan. We told him that him and the members that were left would be able to travel to head to Whie Moon for shelter and protection.

Hobgoblin - Monsters - D&D Beyond

As we approached the Blood Eye Camp exterior it was extremely quite and had no form of protection at the gate entrance which made the party extremely on edge. As soon as Dee Dee was sent in and sent towards the main building we saw the Oni. The Party came together and came up with an offensive plan of attack. Once we drew out the Oni even though with its flying and invisibility the party was able to make quick work of the creature and destroy it quickly. With Sammal’s see invisibility he was able to make everyone able to see him with his cold effects while he was flying. We were able to get several hits on him to get him to the ground and since we were very spread out we hit him from several areas in the camp that he had it very difficult to hit us all at once.


We freed the King that was locked in the cage by the Oni and were able to talk him into setting up a connection with White Moon and that we would see if they could send help so they can rebuild. We rested at the camp and made quick movement back to the Cove.

All in all a very drastic change from yesterdays mission was very thankful for no fallen companions and such great teamwork between the team for a very strategized victory.