During our travels to find the rumored ruins of Tsaran, my new friends, Grimlock, Gin, Babuska, Jevin, Arkady, Lionel and Manek decided to rest for the night barely half a day from Jubb Jubb.
During the night as we closed in on dawn I was awakened by my friend Arkady had heard the quiet sobs of an infant in the snow.
True enough, a small cage lay in the snow with a small blueish baby dwarf inside. These lands are weird.
Wary we approached when someone suddenly cast a sparkly spell on it.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in the cage freezing my butt off, as I could only watch while my body attack my friends.
It only lasted for a few seconds, Ilmater preserve me, but I hope it never happens again.
My friend, Gin, seemed to be troubled by my earlier affliction, as he started to acting weirder than usual.

Breaking the cage seemed to do the trick.
Though that thing took more punishment that Ilmater.
We tried acid, holy water, divine wrath, thunder and much more, but nothing seemed very effective.
Even throwing the cage, and the baby inside, didn’t manage do more than scratch it.
After enough collective punishment, it did break into a sparkly mess.

After it was broken my friend stopped trying to kill us, and one of my new friends explained it was some occult artifact called a derro fetal savant, but I didn’t quite understand what that meant.

We investigated the scene and another of my new friends pointed out footprints coming from the west and leaving to the southwest.
We considered investigating further, but the distraction would put us further from our goals in the mountains, and nobody wanted another try as a tiny blue baby.

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