When a Dryad throws a tyrad

DM Adalyn

Players: Canutra, Henry, Gotri, L’inter, Ridge, Tar

After our last adventure I followed Ridge and Henry to Ruined Oak where we met up with a small band consisting on Canutra, Gotri and L’intre.  Seems there was some talk about a farm a short way from town that needed investigating.  The last group that went there, after people started getting concern from the absents of communication from the farmers, did not fare so well I heard.  Only one survived out of a group of four, a cat person I think dragging along the hand of one of his party members. 

The journey there was very uneventful, other than spying some sort of cave in the distance, and we soon were at the farm.  Searching the farm house and a nearby windmill yielded very little other than the presence of some strange bramble which seemed to be trying to engulf everything it could. 

After spreading out our search area we spotted a strange mound of bramble out in the farmers field and soon we found a tiny entrance where we had to crawl to get in.  Inside the mound it was tight, especially for me, but after a short way we were able to stand again, and I glad of it because some stick critters came at the group.

They were not that tough, so we ventured farther in and more of them showed up. They were coming through the walls, but again we put them down. The worst of it was that the bramble mound itself was jabbing at us. Blasted poisonous vine struck several of us and it severely hampered us as we trudged though the passage ways.  I feared that the endeavor would sap all my strength and wanted to rest a bit, but the stick critter would not give us stay and kept coming.

Suddenly a new foe appeared different from the rest and with the power to call forth more vines and bramble. We could tell that something was not right with this one as it was though something or someone was inside it.  Managing to subdue it we found an orc male trap inside it and proceeded to find away out of the mound, it took a bit to hack away at the brambles, but we found a passage way leading back to the entrance. There we rested a bit before heading back in.

Upon are returning to the inside of the mound the critters showed up in full force and It did not help us none that the party had split up in the passage way. As this caused some of us to be in great peril. However, through sword, hammer, whip, spell, tooth, and claw we beat them down and rallied thinking the worst was done when a great beast appeared. 

Its power was immense, and its dangers were unknown us as we pressed our attack on it. It was only through sheer luck and a few timely spells that I believe we were able to overcome it before it was able to overwhelm us.

As the creature fell, its vines and bramble fading away, we found the remains of a wooden woman which later they told me was a Dryad.  We also found a theifling woman and a small half-orc theifling boy. As we were about to carry them out of the mound, the mound crumbled, and the bramble withered away. This was also when Henry came up showing us that he had saved one of the little stick people and wanted to raise it.  I just shrugged my shoulders a little thinking what harm is there in that.

Once we had the victims reunited they told us they were the farmers we were looking for and the names they gave of themselves was Tintri, Garuk, and Tavin.  They told us that the dryad was helping them with the farm until something happened and the dryad became angry and the bramble appeared.  

By time it was getting late and we needed to head back to ruined oak and report our success.