DM: Neal
PC’s: Joule/Bradwick/Nalkris/Valorean/Yatari/Xenon
Another FOT adventure. This time I wasn’t baby sitting a bunch of uppety green horns but I had a pack of veterans with me. The Journey to the coast line after Miridian was’t too bad. Cross the bridge fill your water sacks head to the coast. Followed it along till we saw the red sails. There I got to swim, not to shabby if you ask me. Came upon the other side, could have just walked there honestly. Anyhow, Joule saw some metal golem things that had a bunch of undead covering them. Valorean wanted to run away, Joule was uncertain. I wanted to stand my ground, and honestly I wan’t given a choice as I was pinned by a bone thorn. I almost forgot about the not so mermaid we saw she was shy but turned out not friendly. Man that was a fight, I can’t remember the critters she had with her though. Oh but when Valorean was behind me while swimming he did kill a shark, so Valorean I guess excels when he can stand behind some one strong. I guess Yatari did thingsā€¦ Xenon was like the shadows and hard to notice their presence. Nalkris I think did things. Hard to test one’s mettle from the back line. We returned with the portal codes GEQ, Success?