Having heard tale of strange afflictions befalling farmers outside of Port Mirandia limits, a group of adventurers set out to discover the problem. Having used the portal to little issue, we continued our way to the farm. There, the foreman approached us and we discussed the issues he was facing. It seems bizarre but interconnected mental afflictions were affecting many members of the farm workers, and we set out to discover the issue. First, I suspected foul play, and thus sensed for any magical signature to no avail. Having split from the group, I talked with a cat named Slippers about the nature of the issue, animals oft having more wisdom between their ears than that of man. Slippers seemed to think a holei n the ground was connected to the strange happenings, and was rewarded with a ball of twine for his efforts. Having grouped up with the rest of the party, we noticed IronAle and IronQar acting strange after having drunk the water. HC was able to restore them to normal, and we descended into the darkness below together.

We discovered below the farm a vast network of mushroom infested tunnels, with a couple large caverns, the mushrooms dimly lighting our progress through the underground. We snuck our way across the room, avoiding a mushroomified group of what I can only assume are former adventurers, and we found a door and a river at the far end. The door remained a mystery, and having no key,we set about to find it. This is when HC set off the mushroom’s trap as the shrooms attacked us in waves, but they were shortly dispatched. We were able then to find treasure in a hallway to the south, and the bones of what I can only assume are ancient snake people, as well as a mural deeply faded on the ceiling that seemed to depict mushroom people fighting off large violet eyed snakes. 

While I and HC were investigating the river, Irgram and Orgeron were able to burst through the stone doors by force. Our own investigation yielded little, as I realized the underground river was connected to the river upon which Port Mirandia sat, and HC was able to find a large six-legged salamander that we decided not to mess with. Upon returning, we entered the doors confines to find draconic, but none of us had anything with which to take a rubbing of what it detailed, and none of us were able to read the drake tongue. Eventually, the tunnel shot off to the side abruptly, where we fought a leaping, tunneling beast that nearly downed us, but was slain all the same. 

We soon returned to the farm, and made sure that the issue was dealt with and with great luck, it does seem that the farm is now safe from any bizarre afflictions any time soon.