DM: Seph
PCs: Belanor, Karn, Balthier, HcGlanfath, HCMorran, Mathis
Written By HCMorran

So my first trip on this curious island was one of confusion and unexpected meetings. Karn and Balthier were talking about feeding their son so we set out to this cave called Giant’s Crag, located near the Spider’s Reach Outpost. Inside the cave we were lead to a ziggurat with fleshy growth around it. The growth parted for Karn and Balthier and they poured some blood from waterskin for the creature. The creature is named J’an X’yat D’jor. It seemed to enjoy it but said that it wasn’t pure. It then gave us some elixir against the heat below.

We descended down the hole and it was scary. I lost my grip on the rope and almost fell to my doom but Mathis saved my life. Down below we encountered two demons with these weird snake like beards. Balthier put one to sleep and started bleeding it. We managed to kill the other one and brought the unconscious one for J’an X’yat D’jor as food. It devoured the demon and grew larger. It was then that the four remaining non believers joined J’an X’yat D’jor. We grabbed the shaft and It drained us of some life force and grew even larger.

We left the cave after receiving gift from J’an X’yat D’jor and slept peacefully at the outpost. The next day we started heading back to the Cove of White Moon but stopped at this weird boulder. Karn started talking to some spirit and they asked us to help them. With the help of the spirits we took the boulder to J’an X’yat D’jor and he helped the spirits to pass to afterlife. Such benign being. After freeing the spirits we adviced J’an to close the cave so he would be protected. If you see cave blocked by two purple doors near Spider’s Reach Outpost, do not attempt to enter unless one of us six is with you, thank you.

Here was my first adventure log, sorry for rambling.