DM – Adalyn

Players – Vestrivan, Samul, Galatea, Khora, Zandaris

I managed to get together with another group of adventurous fellows. Together we decided to take up Hujo’s expedition to investigate the flickering lights near the Lake of Songs. The group decided to take a portal to the lake. Being my first time using a portal, I was completely unacustomed to the terrible freezing cold that the portal affected me with and I blacked out as I passed through. Luckily, one of my party saw me collapse as I exited the portal and managed to heal me up and take care of me.

After I had recovered from the portal, we set off towards the lake. We came upon what appeared to be several travelling priests heading the other way. We decided to give them a wide berth and not bother them and carried on our merry way. We travelled all day and finally made camp for the night.

Our wizard set up several areas of alarm to give us a heads up should we be approached during the night. We also set up a nice camp fire. During the night Samul spotted a badger rummaging around at the edge of the camp. He went to investigate and saw the badger drag some sort of cloth mound into a hole nearby. He then tried to get closer to itf and the badger attacked him!

The ruckus awoke some of us, but before we could act, Khora’s pet mechanical dog attacked the badger and ripped it to shreds! Samul then checked the hole the badger was going into and discovered that it had two young babies stashed away in there.

I went to take a look at the badgers and tried to calm them down and comfort them, succeding in my attempt. The badgers instantly took a liking to me and we settled down together near the fire for the night.

We woke in the morning and prepared to set off. We gatherd some berries up and smushed some up to feed to the badgers then headed up towards the north. We decided that since the lights only appeared in the dark, we decided to travel at night and sleep in the day. As we were mulling around we heard a small herd of large birds running close by, but we left them be. We hung around for the day waiting for night to fall, at which point we set off to the north again. After a short time we managed to spot some strange lights up ahead.

As we got closer we managed to spot a cave that it appeared the lights were coming out of, over the lake for a bit and then up into the sky.

The cave had a large pair of doors carved with what appeared to be tentacles, that seemed to be floating around. The doors were open a little bit and it was clear that the lights were coming from inside the cave.

We entered the cave and discovered that it was some kind of man made temple inside. Inside we also found a couple of people that seem to be in a trance. We alse noticed that they had some odd tentacle tattoos that also appeared to be moving on his skin. Galatea decided to try and interupt one of them at which point, he began speaking a very alien language.

One of them then grabbed Samul and threatened us, at which point we defended ourselves and defeated our attackers. We pushed a bit further into the temple. The doors to the next area appeared to be some kind of magical field, but we were able to push through them to gain entry. In the next room there were even more people, also in a trance like state. We decided to let them be and moved into the next part of the complex.

In this room, there was one huge door, very intricately carved in the image of a huge monstrous figure (Zethoth apparently). Also in the room were more people, 2 kuo-toa and a human who appeared to be in a trance, with a third person who didnt look like the others, who appeared to be being used in some manner in the ritual.

Our brave ranger then decided to touch the door and immediately fell unconcsious. He seemed to stay that way for a few minutes before managing to wake up by himself. He then got up and began talking to one of the kuo-toa in a strange language. After conversing this way for a while, the kuo-toa then bowed before Zandaris and then handing him what looked like a holy symbol of some kind.

We decided to leave and on the way out I decided to relieve some of the entranced individuals of their belongings. As I stopped near a basin full of water, I spotted some coins in the water. As I reached in for them, my arm began to turn to stone! I immediately fled the temple at maximum cat speed, vowing to avoid water for the rest of my days!

We began our trip back to town, which took a few days, but was uneventful.