DM – Adalyn, Vestrivan, Gorstag, Rael, Piper, Zak

I hooked up with a new party of adventures, along with Rael, who I had a previous outing with. We decided to head to the north of the White Cove Bay, since I had been part of the group that had previously explored the Lake of Songs area. Unfortunately for me, as we set off on our journey, may arm was still turned to stone, which was going to be a problem should I get into a fight.

We began travelling north, following the shoreline up. I made a note about staying away from the water, as I am completely “petrified” of the water!

We set up camp for the night and I went out to hunt. I think my stone hand hindered me a lot as I was not able to find much to eat, so the party had to resort to eating rations.

Whilst we were setting up camp we noticed a castle off in the distance. It seemed to be quite a ways off from where we had made camp and I’m sure we would discuss it in the morning. I took my watch with Zak, and it was pretty uneventful.

During Rael’s watch we all heard a sound of rushing water, from which I immediately put a large ammount of distance between it and myself!

As the group went to investigate, Gorstag sent his “friend” to take a closer look. Suddenly the water rose up and engulfed the undead servant, crushing him within its form and dropping him to the floor, even more lifeless than before! It then immediately moved up and started attacking the group, whilst I bravely hid in the tent!

I managed to summon up all my courage and bravely attack the water elemental whilst cunningly using the tent as cover to hide behind. The elemental was busy engulfing and reigning huge blows down upon my party members, but they managed to withstand the punishment through the use of great skill and magical ability. We eventually managed to defeat it and managed to rest up for the rest of the night.

In the morning we carried on along the shoreline and we eventually spotted a cave in the cliffs along the shore. The cave had the same sort of shimmering doorway that the previous temple had. As we moved inside the cave there were several cultists in the cave busy with various tasks. One of them, who was filling his waterskin spotted us and drew his weapon ready for a fight.

One of the cultists noticed my hand and informed that I had been marked. We then began to speaking to them about Zethoth and they seemed to be interested in talking to us a lot more. We managed to get them to show us around the cave a little bit and explain what they were doing, which happened to be summoning servants of Zethoth. They told us that their leader here was called Dereth.

We found out that their summoning rituals required something from here to be sent to where ever the summoned creatures were coming from. As we watched, Dereth began throwing cultists into the huge whirlpool and began summoning some sort of huge crustacean.

We quickly left the cave and decided to observer the cave for a while from a safe distance. We notice a blue squid type creature and a similar pink creature slither out of the cave and into the water. There was also a a large crab type creature (Chuul) that seemed to stay at the cave entrance protecting it.

We decided that these creatures were out of our league and that we should not engage them. We began heading back to town when we stumbled accross a couple of huge boars. We decided we could take these and use them for food so we snuck up on them and suprised them. We felled the first one almost immediately with our surprise assault and then began attacking the second one.

Unfortunately for us, the boar managed to catch Zak with a devastating attack and downed him in a terrible tusk gore. We managed to get Zak back up and then defeat the boar. We skinned and harvested the boars the best we could and then headed back into town.