Dm -KCutajar

Unit Members, IronAbu, Karash, Equinox, Servant

The adventure started like any other. A quiet day, the birds singing, the trees alive with magic. The adventure started with Karash, Equinox, and myself Servant. It was mostly like any other day outside. Well mostly like any other, we where soon joined by the blob of a goblin Abu. And as quiet as it had been before. It became quiet noisy. Though this was not my first trip with this adventures. I had a pretty good idea of there skills and what to expect of them. We would start walking randomly picking a direction based off the way Equinox would randomly point. We where not in a rush to go anywhere as none of use expected to be adventuring today. And as quickly the day started, so did the fun. We would stumble onto a farm land fulled with crops. Rooted by the days sun and just in general muck of a place. Me and my Imp where on look out duty as together as a team we are ok at it. I say at least me and my imp together might be worth half an adventure. Spotting small group I would inform the party of there size. I only had a mere glance of them as they where over 200ft away. Way more out of the 100ft my imp can travel. They seamed to be digging or using tools. It wasn’t clear as they where low to the ground and there was vegetation around them. Equinox would bravely lead the charge to see who or what this group might be. After getting closer they would stand up. Bone-ish like people ripping body’s apart. For unknown reasons or maybe to make themselves more? What ever there motives it was unclear but they had the look of wanting to kill. They where not tough to fight as I personally would of expected. IronAbu, Karash, Equinox, and myself taking them out one by one. One of the party members taking out a group of them by throwing acid or goop. I had distracted at the moment. But the blow effected six of them at once. Searing there numbers a great deal. Karash taking the front line with my imp following close behind. Mostly to stay in range of them in case they need a heal. I myself killed the last one off, stealing the kill from Karash. I kinda felt bad but the fiend like it when I kill and blesses me when I do. But with all of them dead this allowed us to investigate the area. After a bit of noticing I felt myself lighter as one of them had noticed I had to keep drooping my backpack so I could move better. I was in awe of there strength as they lugged my gear along with theirs. Abu would then give use berries to have a good lunch for the day. and we where off again. We would follow the trail of this things to where they came from. It wasn’t very hard ether as they had been moving in a group and it was like following a heard of cow. It lead us to a trap door in the ground and as any great adventuring party, we would check it out. Going down into the earth is always unsettling. Do to reasons of an old adventuring party finding themselves lost in the under dark. The moment we where underground though Karash seamed to perk up. It seams they where happy to be out of the outside air. Going down a flight of stairs would come to a room. in front a hall way, on are left a metal door. Abu would first check for signs of traps, only to find that the door was only locked. Equinox would make a motion to the door and a moment latter the door was a tiny thing. I am not sure what spell it was. But it was interesting to be used in such a way. I could feel the party’s spirits grow after that moment, like anything was possible. The group would start heading into the room but there was a ‘BOOM’ ‘BOOM’ ‘BOOM’ like something big hitting wood. I would ready myself to attack anything monster like that would stroll its way into my sights as I would guard the rear. ‘BOOM’ ‘BOOM’ ‘BOOM’ and a ‘CRASH’ would lead my mind only on one thing. What the others where doing at this time I was unsure. As I had been looking into that hall waiting. And there it was. A big beast of bone like creature, mostly like the ones we faced before but it was much bigger. I would let off my magic and the fight would issue out into the halls. The fight was all a blur as spells where slung and blades where swung. But soon everything was at peace again. After the battle, the other would say that they had found something while I had been busy. Pointing over to a rug on the floor. I suggested to send my imp and they allowed it. after the imp lifted the rug, he seamed to have found some strange thing. magic in nature, or least so I was told by the one who could see the magic. I would touch and poke and prod the=is item. but it didnt do anything. The party would let me hold onto it for the time being as I had been brave enough to inspect it in the first place. Getting back to town was just was easy as leaving it. We where not very far so we pushed are way into town. I would have the odd item well i slept, I think it gave me dreams of some sort. A voice in my head, like as if the fiend was speaking to me. but this was another voice I did not know. The details of the dream I will only share to the party that came with me. The morning came and the item had transformed itself? Or maybe it was always this way, it just needed to wake up. Ether way it became an odd eye thing that seams to point north. Myself and Equinox went to sort out what it was, and to get it identified. The story gos on to another day