The Lone Survivor

Joule sat beside the small grave.  “I’m sorry I haven’t visited since I came to the island.  I only missed seeing you by a few days and I didn’t want to face it.  I imagined you out there, raising hell somewhere in the wilderness.  But since I came...

Of Shadows and Scarves

Day 1: On the trail, we met four guards carrying two bandits who “gave themselves up to the law.” They spoke of the rest of the bandits losing their faces (?) and we decided to investigate. Someone (Zilgram, I believe?) cast Suggestion to get the location of the camp....

A Fire, A Rat, and a Portal

A Bear on Fire DM-Reddestmage Players: Araurian, Tar, Naga, Gabriel, Nikas, Lilith The day had just began when the group of us gathered up at the Axe and Thistle to investigate reports from some farmers of fires being set out in the plains. While they did not have...

Grey vs Green

lounging in a hammock with a pair of lion-blood Tabaxi twins fanning
me. Beads of sweat tracings their muscles as they run down their bare chests towards