OOC: Hello, this is a little note from Taka, writer of logs, singer of songs, and that weird dude with four characters for some reason. I’ve been around for…. a while now and learned very early on that logs got you bonus xp. At the start I wrote them because it was fun, a good outlet for creativity, and well yeah, that bonus xp. As time went on I’d run into a lot of bumps and kinda lost interest in writing these things – or making weird images, audio files, or whatever I’d come up with at the time – but with the new website up and running I was asked (months ago, sorry again DGM) to transfer over my logs. So here’s the first one, and thus the first of the TBL (Taka Back Log) Series. I implore you to take each one of these to heart for their quality (or lack there of) and the information within so you can get a better grasp of Sleeper Island and the usefulness of writing Logs.

Where did I put that… 2018 March 5 23:30

A party recently returned after finding a strange hole in an open grave. Without anymore information the search continues to find the ever elusive Hangnail.
PC’s: Kydan, Rini, Sahtra, Elryant, Hodrick, Callerus, Zati
DM: Shrap the Sharp

As the journey began with bears – and a wizard eager to fight those bears – I am amazed that we ended up dealing with with powerful Ogres, numerous casters around every corner, and the constant near death experiences. Okay, I lie, I was expecting to die the minute we set out. I had heard numerous tales about how dangerous the wilderness of the island was and this trip didn’t fail at proving them true.

We set out based on information Zati had obtained after selecting the boisterous Hodrick as our …. leader (He offered to charge into danger first and who were we to argue with the “Great Wizard”). At first, being in a group put me at ease; Hodrick seemed reliable if a bit crazy, Zati, Rini, and Elryant presented a calm front that resonated with me. Of course, then there was Callerus, whose missing hand served to show off the price of the island, and while I couldn’t really judge Sahtra’s character there didn’t seem to be a hint of what was to come.

And oh what there was to come…. The bears were easily avoided despite Hodrick presenting his litany of titles to them. Similarly, our stop finding the book went rather well. It was upon finding the hatch and delving down into the pit that events began to play out as they had in my head. Sahtra charged into the cave before most of us had even begun to climb down the ladder. Hodrick had already made his way down so all we could hear up above was him shouting his titles as he started burning the foes. 

As the rest of us scrambled to make our way down – including some impressive moves from Rini and Elryant – enemies quickly began to fall under a steady flow of attacks and magic, from everyone but me that is. All of my spells proved ineffective, minus the two more powerful spells that served only to keep myself alive. As the combat delved deeper into the cavern and we seemed to be beset on all sides I am ashamed to say I ran. An orc appeared from a side tunnel we had ignored just as a goblin had spread darkness over my allies and I rushed away without even a word. They told me about how Sahtra and Elryant slayed the ogre, a truly impressive feat that I wish I had seen the final blows of instead of sitting above ground.

Despite my feelings toward my actions, I am most glad we all emerged from the hole in relatively good health. That fact definitely helped us when we were later waylaid by more orcs as we made our way back. It was during this final fight that we started drawing close to death – it was also here that I feel Sahtra showed just how enduring he could be. Rini, and Hodrick were both knocked unconscious during this battle but Sahtra seemed to take blow after blow and send them right back at our opponents.

As for my actions, well, despite my magic only succeeding to damage an enemy once I didn’t falter this time. Overall, I feel like the only good thing I did the entire time was remembering to bring a goodberry with me. It may very well have saved Rini’s life and I don’t believe I would even have the nerve to write these notes if we hadn’t all returned.