Tearing the weave

DM: Adalyn

Party: Barvan, Ridge, Eddings, Freya, Kaimos, Gallow, Yamma?

“I aroused once again on Sleeper Island, the horrid dreams that compelled me to island have not abated and I am not any closer to unraveling the any clues as to its secrets. Yet I must persist if the calamity to come is to be halted.”  

Another day shines upon White Moon Cove and with a bit of coin from a successful outing I prepared myself to see what dangers this day would bring.  It was not too long into the morning when a pair of Hobgoblins, named Cro and Lar entered the tavern and began petitioning for assistance in a strange matter involving an area that was greatly affecting their Worgs, they reported feeling of light headedness and being sick to their stomachs when in the area.

After giving them a medical look over, I could not find any inflection or signs of disease about them, save for one having a lazy eye.  The party agreed to fulfill their request and we headed north along the roads and past an area marked as ruins of some sort, having not been there I can not attest to it.

The day went uneventful and we set up camp a distance from the road, I conversed with the druid in the party who went by the name of Ridge Walker as to where he came from and he weaved a story of being abandon as a youth and becoming a druid and how he was drawn to the untamed wilderness of the island. 

Later that night I was awaken as Freya had spied a group in the distance. Advancing on them we discovered that they were a group of Bandana wearing Pirate Bandits with a taste for killing and drinking scotch and they were all out of scotch.  Freya charged them with reckless abandonment as Her paladin calling called for justice upon the wicked.  Fortunately, our groups bard, Eddings, manage to lay three of them Pirate Bandits low with a sleep enchantment as the brothers Barvan and Kaimos join the melee.  For a few moments I thought we were going to lose one of them, but we were able to rejuvenate him where upon he reengaged into battle.  Ridge, although suffering from exhaustion also join the mosh pit of swirling blades.  The Leader of the pirates’ flirted and skirted around Freya as almost as he was entranced in a rhythmic dance.  At one point I was shocked to see a blow from Freya that would have cleaved a normal being in two blocked almost effortlessly by the pirate’s thin blade. Barven finally ended the conflict with a strike to the knee and a final backhand.  After the battle we recovered a chest laden with copper coins and a few other items.

“Who were theses Pirates and why were they working so hard in the freezing night to recover such a small amount of treasure, is there more? Was this just a shore party and will their friends be on the search? I will make sure to watch myself around the docks.”

Peaceful the rest of the night passed, and we journeyed onward and happened upon a strange stone temple shaped as the letter A, as the common tongue goes.  It was scarred with burn marks as from a great beast with gargoyles statues perched as sentinels high above.  Upon investigation and with the use of some divination from the Druid we discovered that the visage was an illusion and what stood before was a wooden shack like structure with a stair well leading down. At this point there was some confusion among the party as to where our objective laid as we still had not found the source of the Hobgoblins problems. Yet this site stood out like a sore thumb in the barren landscape and like a seductress calling their love drew us in like moths to a flame. 

“I recall in my readings at the monastery of a great warrior from the lands of Kara-Tur who once said, When in pursuit of the enemy bypass all intermediate objectives”

Lucky Eddings, was clear headed enough to point out what folly we may be getting ourselves into and reminded us about what our true mission was, this was enough for me to choose to remain outside with him, and shortly after three of the four that went in returned, Freya had traveled down the stairways with order not to follow her.  After an hour we knew nothing good had come of this as splitting the party is a novice mistake that usually bears no opportunity to repeat. 

We decide to search for our missing paladin and found a large cave system beneath the shack and it was not long before we found ourselves surrounded by strange spear wielding four-armed insect creature each the size of an average human. They had suddenly appeared, and I later found out they possessed and uncanny ability to blend into their surroundings and had us in a very pressing condition.  They spoke an unknown tongue and began moving as to herd us deeper into the cave, when Barvan surprised them with a barrage of blade and fist.  This was enough to send them reeling, yet Eddings was once again able to render one of the creature unconscious.  As these creatures seemed to be sentient beings, we restrained the one that was still in deep slumber and on the behest of Barvan we continued north into the cave where we came across a room occupied by a great dire wolf with a multitude of the insect creatures, a deep dwarf and another person named Yamma.  The deep dwarf explained the situation to us and upon learning that our actions may had cloaked us as the antagonist, we released the captive insect creature, which I soon was told is called a tri-krin or something close to that and tended to its wounds. 

“We found out that Freya had taken her last breath in battle against the tri-krin guards.  Oh, how I reflect on the importance of communication and the need to be the one reaches out instead of expecting others to conform”

In the end we also discovered that the source of the strange symptoms was being produced by a strange artifact that distorted the weave and was able to convince the research to just use the device intermittently and to set up a totem so that the hobgoblins would know when it was safe to be in the area. We did suggest using it only at night, but it appears this displeased the gnomes of the area and he was not able to meet these conditions. So, having found the source and arranging for a solution we returned to town to rest and reflect on what we had learned.

“I lay awake tonight with the burning questions of what purpose does that device serve, and to what end will it be used.  Will it be the source of the cataclysm in my dreams or our salvation, more questions always more questions.”