Salad with out dressing

DM: Adalyn

Players: Yang, Akita, Eddings, Servant, Zwie, Gallow

“parts of the visions are coming true, does this mean we are running out of time?”

Another day passes on the Island and I am still here, yet as I stare out the inn window it seems the shadows have grown a little bit darker.  I shake off my morning gloom and met up with a group in the tavern, they tell me of one called Salad and of their missing cousin and her demands of a scroll.  I immediately agree to this course of action and we hastily began our journey. It was only later that we discovered how hasty.

we headed out of White Moon Cove with Yang and Zwie in the lead and followed the road to the to the north and then to the west, where we came upon a tavern filled with hunters.  My first thought was to tarry with them to see if there was information to be had, but soon realized I was completely out of my element.  The inn was unfamiliar to me and without finding what look like to me to be a bar keep or server, I realized that this would be a task best left to someone else more able in this type of environment, least I caused more of a disturbance than help.  I stood back as Eddings went forth and moved as a fish to water through the busy tavern.

“A free drink will open a lotta doors and mouths”  

With the information we had we continued and camped near a river’s bank, several members of the party stepped up and mention to the rest of us about the dangers of crossing rivers at night, advice we took to heart as we soon spotted what appeared to be a wall with skulls imbedded into it within sight of our camp. Apparently, there is also amble game in this area as three wild boars came by on the other side of the river, they were larger than the boars I was used to back on the mainland and I decided to let them have leave, I only became mildly alarmed once they seem to be gathering up on the shore directly opposite of us.  Eddings cast his voice into the woods beyond mimicking the sounds of a lion like creature, this persuaded the large beast to finally move on.

We eventually moved across the river and head deeper into the woods, and set up camp under the canopy of the trees to only be rattled awake as a bolt of lighting stuck a nearby tree, we quickly moved and upon stopping a safer distance away and began to evaluate the situation Servant made mention that it was due to his experimenting, which immediately put the group on edge, he finally admitted it had only been a normal lighting strike.

“Lesson #234 somethings just aren’t funny to others, especially when they are tired, hungry, and armed”

We moved uneventfully through the wood for a considerable distance till once again on the third watch a small glowing almost translucent kitten which appear to be no more than three months old unveiled it self from the thick undergrowth.  It appeared to fixate upon a red roll of yarn which it continuously batted at, I thought no good would come of this as I weary looked around for its mother, yet Yang immediately took to it and named it Mittens.

Setting out once again our travel was halted as we spotted a group of eight marching in line formation through the woods, they wore black robes and had colors of red and orange as I recall around their cuffs what appeared to be their leader seem to be a human with the distinction of being bald.

“Were the colors a possible ranking system perhaps or an organization association of some sort, I may inquire of it if we meet again”

This meeting went peacefully as they pointed northerly and Yang seemed to be pleased with this and we began moving again this time we spied a solitary figure, which Eddings and I both thought that this may the elf Gobfather, so aptly named by Azam a member of a former party. But it turned out to be a simple hunter, who fortunately had some food to sell. A distinguishing mark did fall across his cheek in the form of an arrow and bow and he seemed a bit slow witted but over all did not cause the party to be alarmed.

Later that day we finally arrived at our destination which was a large tree with a porch and a door appeared from the bark and Salad presented herself and as she spoke asked us where the scroll was, an awkward moment proceeded as our party members expectedly look at each other to produce the scroll. Reveling that none of us had brought the scroll she finally and reluctantly agreed to tell us were her cousin Lini might be.  Not wanting to stand around under her furious gaze we made our way quickly to a nearby cave where she had indicated her cousin to be.

The cave entrance was not hard to find, and we eased our way in and down till we encountered a swarm of spiders. The spiders were monstrous and two or four of their numbers began spewing webs about us, restraining two of our members, when two other spiders of a type I have seen before scuttled about fading into and out of sight. It was hard to do proper count when your enemy has so many legs. While this alone was enough to almost unnerve me, another larger spider like creature emerged from the darkness and with its eyesssssss, it had so many, fixed on us we found our spells to be stripped from the very weave.  With a little experiment we determined that leaving it sight prevented it from hindering our spell, I used this to my advantage to move into a position to better support our beleaguered band. The battle while chaotic finally swayed into our favor and only one of the arachnoids remained. Having exhausted my spells and with no way of using my magic to restore our health, I was left only with my healing kit and a potion of healing that I had previously acquired. It was at this time when the venomous  spawn of the nine hells laid Eddings low and dying just as my visions had foretold, but in the vision I had seen myself administering the potion to him, I had a choice in front of me and I chose to cheat fate and forestall  the  apocalyptic nightmares that haunted me and used my medical skills to stabilize his wounds. Oh, how I was blinded by my thirst to control the outcome as lady fate laugh in my ear. The hellish creature struck him again and I realized that I was not the master of my destiny and quickly applied the potion to him, as the remaining member felled the beast.  The rest of the time past quickly and I was not in my right mind, the party decided to return to White Moon Cove to retrieve the scroll before returning both it and Lini back home.

“Eddings is still alive but suffers from some condition beyond my scope, I bat away at the phantoms whispers that haunt my dreams and foretell what is yet to come, a new phase has awakened, and yet I dare tell no one as the truth would destroy them all”