The seduction of innocence


Players: Ridge, Eddings, Purity, Yang, Rhodash, Gallow, Zwei (leader)

The day started out well as our small group assemble at the Axe and Thistle. Seeing a few familiar faces and some new I had high hopes that today would see some of the islands mysteries peeled away.  After a few moment of planning we decided to head to the mountain to the west of Rotmoor while chosing Zwei as our leader, seeing as how Zwei was the most level headed of the group.

We dared not make a hasty departure and overlook essential items as this had cost some of us in the past and gathered the portal tablets and instructions needed to make our journey.

I  finally experienced the effects of the portal that Eddings had warned me about on a previous mission. I must say some of our party did not fare so well, luckily we were able to quickly tend to their wounds. Shaking off the effects of the portal we felt it was better to spend the first night in Rotmoor. While I did not venture out to partake of its offerings, choosing instead to get some solid rest, I do recall some commotion down the street. Eddings may know more about that as I saw him scampering off in that direction.

The next morning we set off along the road and while most of the day was uneventful, we did witness the sight of some elks struggling to cross the Rotmoor river “annotated on the map”.  I fear they were not successful but did not watch them to the end, while hoping for their success.  Later we came across what appeared to the remains of a collapsed tower of some sort. I was secretly hoping that it would provide us an ample resting place, but the peace was disturbed by some type of aquatic hominoid rising out of the nearby stream. At first I thought we had avoided danger as the creature took a seat on a nearby rock at Edding’s suggestion, only to be dismayed as more of them dashed towards us. They were also accompanied by several large Insect creature, I had never seen the like and could only describe them as some sort of hybrid between a water beetle and a mosquito. The battle rage on for quite awhile as the party fought off the assault. During the battle I witnessed Ridge our Druid transform into a mighty bear tearing away at the enemy until he was struck down. Yang rhythmic fighting style kept the enemy busy allowing me to tend to the wounded while Purity fired bolt after bolt of magic at them, and Rohdash stood as a wall on our right flank, keeping the enemy separated. Our fearless leader undaunted and showing no fear pressed the enemy hard and sacrificed his life to ensure our survival. Words could not express our feeling of loss and the act spurred Yang into a manacle onslaught of epic proportion.  Unfortunately I was rendered unconscious due to my wounds and was overjoyed and thankful that my party revived me.

Pressing onward to the mountain each of us search hard for any signs of an animal companion,  as we could not bare to see poor Yang suffering so and our efforts paid off as we found a small pup, which was suffering greatly from dehydration. Yang nursed it back to health and all of us could not help noticing the beaming joy from her face.

Rejuvenated by a nights rest and the addition of a new leader we soon made it to the mountains where we discovered a trail of footprints leading north from the road, following them soon led us to a cave entrances which we proceeded to enter.  We first encounter a strange trapped chest and through magic the group was able to spring it.  However the commotion alerted the globin to our presence and they promptly attack us with vines, spikes, and poisoned darts. We brushed aside their feeble attacks causing them to flee deeper into the cave. It was at this point we managed to take one of their Shaman captive. What I witnessed at that moment was something more horrid, vulgar, and unnerving  than I have every experienced in my nightmarish visions. 

I watched as Purity began to seduce the  shaman, I tried averting my eyes but it was like watching a wagon wreck and as it unfolded I grew nauseous to my stomach, as this goblins visage was one that even its mother could not love. Purity had twisted the goblin around her fingers and he was now her plaything.  We used this situation to parley with the rest of the goblins who had taken shelter behind a barred wall, however even they didn’t want him.  Seeing as how this was not going to gain us admittance and the day was growing long we decided to head to the swollen tooth. As we were leaving Purity dropped her rues and broke it to the poor shaman that it was over. As she walked away, the sounds of her boots clicking on the stone floor muffled the collapse of the shaman, who I think died from a broken heart. I couldn’t tell as Yang had blocked my view.