DM: Neal
Party: Freyja, Taishina, Tehran, Dexter, Daffodil, Tif
Mission: Trial of Tasks

If were are ever to tame these lands, then we need safer and faster ways to travel, I assume this is why my friends and I were tasked with protecting the mostly dwarven workforce as they went north of Burned Oak to clear a path for travelers.

With Freyja scouting ahead and my new friend Dexter the Doctor keeping us to the right path, we were in safe hands. Though a few oddities did occur along the way, not even counting the strange ways of the doctor and pink researcher. My merry friends and travelers, you might want to know of these.

During the first night a stranger came to our camp. A lone traveler with his face halfway hidden. Freyja knew him and made introductions, telling tales of owlbears and spiders north of White Moon Cove.

The travelers said he came to warn us and asked for us to warn you, my friends, as an evil Oni has taken hold of the Blood Eye Clan encampment. If you had friends there Im sorry to inform you that they might be gone. The traveler was quite adamant that this oni be killed, and from what is happening up north I find it hard to disagree.

Bloodeye Clan, the Onis new lair

The next thing he warned us of was a stone tower we had passed just the day before. We had avoided it, prioritizing the workers safety over our own curiosity. An ancient evil resides inside, he didn’t tell us much but one thing stood out. “Beware the stone collar

Location of the tower

After talking for a bit he left our camp by transforming into a winged serpent. Strange lands indeed.

In the morning workers started building the new road, but a few hiccups occurred during the day. A halfling suddenly came charging us, looking like a starving helpless kid. He screamed on about goat demons, giant scorpions, dangerous mushrooms and a temple hidden in a nearby cave. We made sure to calm him down and avoid the area he warned us about. Again I must remind you, the workers safety were our priority.

goats, mushrooms, scorpions and a hidden cave temple.

Not far from where we met this halfling there were another curiosity. The workers found signs of a fight. Plenty of arrows had been shot a while back, they had come from the briar wall and by Freyjas examination it could be nothing but drow arrows. We didn’t see any drows in the area, but decided to steer the road out of range for arrows coming from the briar wall.

That night a small army of goblins attack. Numbering somewhere around 20 goblins, led by a shaman, we fought. Two workers were killed during the scuffle and I was reminded that even if my body might endure their weapons, magic can still render me helpless, let this be a lessen for all. Thankfully I had friends nearby, especially the small Daffodil, who brought down the shaman in my stupor.

Another tip for our friendly travelers. If you see a man-made stone covered in moss, standing alone in the wilderness. Do not touch. We found one such stone, and as we touched it a light blinded us. We left a warning for others, but no reason to repeat our transgression elsewhere.

The trip had already been quite eventful when the workers started screaming. They had disturbed a group of dinosaurs, huge with mace-like tails. They came charged trying to trample our workers.

Freyja was the first to charge in, place herself in the path of the dinosaur, but not even her quick reactions could save them all. Three workers died to the tail before the rest of us got into positions and we brought down the monstrosities. At this point it seemed prudent to return to ruined oak. We might not have completed the road, but we learned of many things.



I know this entry is a getting long, but I fear leaving anything unwritten might harm our efforts. In case you don’t have the patience for my ramblings here are two you should know and remember.

An oni recides in the bloodeye clans encampment and must be dealt with.
North of Ruined Oak lies a tower of ancient evil, if you go inside “Beware the stone collar“.