Joking aside, a man died and his body was stolen

And I would walk 500 Hex – 7 Apr 2018 14:00 UTC

Quick jaunt to the Mausoleum to the east got derailed by a necromancer, built roads and fought Gnolls instead.
PC’s: Tam, Ragnar, Stei, Maw’ron, Anduriel, Aramil
DM: Lewis

Looking for another adventure I set out with Ragnar a day or so after we got back from the Garden of Selune. As we set out we managed to make it close to our destination without anything worrisome happening but we noticed some tracks leading to the north west so we decided to rest before venturing after them and coming back around for the dark place. Sadly our plans were derailed when we met a little girl in the middle of the night, at the same time Maw’ron came under the effect of some dark curse and we foolishly failed to connect the two.

I thought I had seen through her intentions but was tricked perfectly, much to my annoyance. As we resumed our sleep schedule she attempted to kill Ragnar by means of dark magics, we awoke to Stei screaming “WHAT THE FUCK” and scrambled to fend off the treacherous foe. Ragnar looked heavily effected by the magic, dark lines covering most of his body, but Aramil managed to heal him and combat ensued as Stei charged forth and attacked her. Sadly before most of us could even act she shifted out of the form of the little girl, revealing the true arcane master underneath, and unleashed a pillar of fire upon that roasted Stei where he stood. We began to strike at her, my own Eldritch Blast taking quite a blow with the first shot but the second backfired and exhausted me greatly (damn crit and fumble in one cast). Because of this she was still well enough to grab Stei’s body and teleport away with it.

Not wishing to remain in the area any longer, although rather eager for vengeance, we followed the tracks we had spotted earlier up to the north west. As we did I noted how close we were to King Zix’s lands and led the party to him so that we could request his aid in healing Maw’ron who was stuck in a near animalistic state. With a bit of money to pay for the spell Maw’ron was treated and we discussed the fruit Ragnar and I had helped obtain with the King so that he and Isaac could continue planning. We rested there and then went off to deal with the Gnolls, sadly they were far tougher than I realized and Rangar proved too foolish to survive the place entirely so we retreated back to the King’s lands, rested for a bit once more, and when we awoke a missive from him was delivered requesting some roads built going north toward the Blood-Eye Clan – he was a bit annoyed that the group that made roads from WMC hadn’t just made the ones he asked of us. We guarded his workers as they dug and apart from a thunderous crack that deafened a bunch of us everything was completed just fine. We then came back to WMC and related the tale.

                    -Tam Aloric, son of Nymma Corenthius Derrin Aloric XXV, cleric of her holiness, the Raven Queen, pact bearer of the Solar Viryn.