Shovels are handy weapons, Javelins are great too

March 22 1600 UCT, lowbie call to arms

Hadrien recruited several individuals to investigate a possible threat to White Moon Cove that lies to the south west. 
PC’s: Hadrien, Euphrix, Gaglem, A’Tuin, Nym, Olfsiem
DM: Terrorrize

Nym begins writting down about his adventure to the south west, the prize he was rewarded with sits at his side.

An interesting land, this Sleeper Island, it would seem that adventure, death, and powerful magic can be found all over it. I finally got to go out and fight something with others. The first thing nearly killed me – DAMN BUSH – but those guys were too strong for it. They weakened it and set me free from the weird vine.. root.. tendril….. THING, whatever, and that allowed me to fell it with my shovel, driving it right into the creature. Seriously, plants shouldn’t act like that. 

Either way, that hobgoblin, Gaglem, he healed me right up, rather nice of him. We pushed onward into the cave and found a portcullis, heard some noises just past it too. They were speaking goblin apparently, I dunno, it sounded like gloop to me. Either way, I tried to lift the bars, didn’t go too well but I didn’t try my hardest either. We decided on the merit that it would be tough to get back out in a hurry with that thing there and went back. 

Along the way we ran for miles as this giant bloody beast was making its way northwest. One of the guys, can’t remember who, Hadrien maybe, said it was a Mastodon. All I can say is it was huge, like someone took ten bears and put them together. No matter, I marked where we saw it. 

Then we got close to the cove again and stumbled upon a web, big thing, could have caught a cart or two. As we were trying to decide whether or not to check it out Olfsiem suddenly got threaded by webs and dragged behind me. This giant spider had roped him close so I angrily demanded it let him go, the shovel is such a good diplomatic tool. As we were facing off against this one another had appeared in the distance and grabbed Euphrix in the same way. The others fought that one as a burst of brilliant light ripped the first one apart.

I had to result to throwing javelins at the second one because of how far away it was, I’m amazed I could hit it to be honest. Just as the first the second spider fell to our persistent attacks with no one worse for wear once freed from their bindings. In a bid to see if anyone had fallen to the spiders, due to their vicinity being so close to the cove, we decided to take a peak around and Euphrix proved that his keen eye and delicate hands were as magic as his spells. He found many gems and pieces of gold but the real prize was a Javelin. At first he thought it one of mine but mine are simple things and I had retrieved them all. This one was ornate, beautifully crafted, and had a lightning bolt theme. My allies were able to identify it as a Javelin of Lightning and suggested I carry it alongside the rest of my weapons. I’ll make sure that I use it wisely to earn the value they have given me.