Someone forgot the meaning of “Till Death Do We Part….”

Go For A Walk Or Farming – 18 Mar 2018 09:00 UTC (level 1-3)

Let’s go for a walk or deal with the farms.
PC’s: Anduriel, Kydan, Dudo, Dain, Maanzik, Olfsiem
DM: Dark Machine God

Well well well, another mission to the farms and, my goodness, the undead like living where Ruined Oak tries to set those things up. The portal is now something that I am slightly more accustomed to with this trip as are the constant building projects of the new town. Merely looking for something to do the six of us set out to clear a different farm than I attempted last time (I wasn’t keen to run into that giant monster again). First we checked in with rumors from the builders, hearing of a graveyard and bad vibes, so we set out to investigate. 

The first thing we noticed was that graveyard; it had six graves, all dug up, and three of the grave markers had writing. One was in Elvish and was relayed to the group, another in common, and the third in a language I didn’t understand. One grave had a corpse still that was moving of its own accord a little bit, I believe it was Anduriel who hit that one with a blast of fire. Feeling just a bit worried about who had dug the others up, and about what was done to the bodies, we pressed on toward a well and a sizable stone building with a walled in courtyard. The whole place was in a ruined state and the windows were boarded up. 

Maanzik climbed up onto the outer wall to get a good look upon which an arrow struck him and a torrent of Elvish was shouted out of the building. From here battle had begun and we swiftly confronted several animated corpses, most likely the remaining ones from the graves. As we dealt with these, Dudo moved inward and discovered an male elf, pale as the other corpses, that began shooting at him. I moved closer and was able to draw this target toward me even as Dudo fell to his arrows and one of the corpses. 

The battle raged as we rushed to aid each other and try to deal debilitating blows to these undead creatures. At one point the elf grabbed at Olfsiem but whatever he was attempting we defeated him before it could take effect. As the elf and the less intelligent corpses fell I thought we had earned a bit of respite, my allies Maanzik and Anduriel quickly removed that thought from my mind. Within a minute another began shouting in Elvish about our intrusions and admonishing us for slaying the male elf. Then there was mention of Djuunta (eh, might be wrong about his name, I was focused on what he was not what he was called) and It didn’t take long for us to know exactly who he was. 

Down from the debris filled stairs he came, a massive skeletal minotaur carrying an axe that would cleave me in two if I let it. He charged at me but I got out of the way and began slashing at him. My allies closed in around the new foe as his mistress emerged herself; a female elf as pale as the first charged at Olfsiem and I, angry at what had happened to her love. Once again Olfsiem was grabbed at, this time dark energy seemed to drain the life force from him, causing his skin to become gaunt and pale. Then the minotaur and the elf repeatedly tried to cut me down but with my magics boosting my speed I dodged every strike, each only hitting my afterimage. With a healthy mixture of healing and magic strikes we finished both of them off and retrieved what we could find. 

Before leaving the area for Ruined Oak, Maanzik climbed down into the well and freed the stones at the bottom, allowing the water flow to resume. Following this we made our way back and reported on our success with clearing the area for the farm as well as the restoring of the well. Eager to make it home safely we then rested just outside of the town, a mistake that proved to be fatal for one of us. As we rested and eased our bodies after the fight before we were set upon by a giant bird creature with long limbs. It looked like a vulture and had a blood curdling scream that left me dazed. We all sent as much force as possible at the creature, trying our best to get it to leave us alone or die in its attempt at our lives. Sadly, it managed to knock Maanzik unconcious and flew up into the air with him. Anduriel finished the creature off with a magic missile and both it and Maanzik plummeted back down to the ground. We grabbed his body and ran for the portal, making it safely back to White Moon.

(Extra based on confirmation of the reincarnate spell) 
We took Maanzik to the town’s healer and traded in his ring of protection so as to bring him back to life. Looking at the extent of the damage he had received in the fall we felt it best to reincarnate him rather than raise him from the dead. Overall, the procedure worked excellently and he lives to fight another day. Still, the experience might be hard for him to adjust to seeing as the one time merfolk has gained broader shoulders as an orc.