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Mining your own business 2018 April 24 00:00 UTC

Somebody has to retrieve Wulfgar’s body from the elemental mine.
PC’s: Artix, Aaruk, Lurr, Grotak, Rasz, Skrak, Jaxi

HEY EVERYONE THAT HAPPENED TO READ MY OTHER TWO LOGS, GUESS WHAT? I’m OLD NOW…. what was I writing about? uhhhhhh. OH YEAH, The mine mission. I decided to join this mission because I was worried that the army of darkness would find this Wulfgar’s remains. 

Alright, listen up

Good, you’ve heard my tale now, uh, let me write up a hunting log about that ghost. Maybe the mine too.


Ghost: This unassuming undead is one of the worst to run into, especially for such a young paladin as I once was. SMITE HER I MUST ANDSMITE HER I DID. Her scream sent a chill down my spine, added whiteness to my hair, forced me to keep away from her, and left me sore all over. I HAD BECOME OLD. Watch out for them, they’re very tricky. She possessed poor Grotak and while we had to knock him out to force her out of him she was able to kill him all because of this grave error. Perhaps if I had some sort of magical protection against undead this fate could have been avoided. Alas, I was foolish. NEVER AGAIN. I must increase my vigil. Smite


That Creepy Mine: So the mine was filled with dead things. Gem people? dead. Wormies? dead. Dogs? dead. Snail? dead. Troll? uh, not dead when we got there but, sadly, dead when we left. I don’t recall seeing the giant. The fissure was still there, the throne wasn’t but a hole lay in its place. There are stone walls at the entrance and I suggest leaving them there until an adventuring party can go in and fully figure out what happened there, as we attempted to do today. Damn ghost ruined our plans. 

Well, that’s really all there was to it. Don’t get turned into the elderly, youth is a great weapon against the undead. I’ll quickly seek out a way to turn back.

P.S. The nice druid Shantarr loaned me money for that greater restoration. Thankfully we’re in time.
P.P.S. Well, I’m young again thanks to Shantarr, I read about Wulfgar in the mean time, apparently he had suffered a similar fate before eating a golden apple. I do hope we can recover his body. The name on the door, Room of the Brain or something, sounds bad. Maybe there’s a connection to the brains with legs that Shantarr, Tamwyn, Isaac, and Rasz have faced in the past. We’ll see later on.