Lions, and Goblins, and Gnomes; OH MY

Lyin’ Eyes – Mar 9, 22:00 UTC

Brave adventurers were sent to explore a tower, but upon emerging after several hours they were set upon by ferocious beasts. Was it chance? Or was it evil?
PC’s: Kydan, Vigdis, Therin A., Sylvius, Corvus, Anduriel, Fork
DM: Craig

Another day, another mission, and another cave filled with goblins. I’m starting to like seeing them around, or at least I’m starting to enjoy cutting their heads off. Hmmm, might be a troubling thought that one. Whatever, on to business. 

After being told of the strange pride of lions that killed three other adventurers (told by a squirrel no less, he was quite charming), we seven set out westward to find the lion den. The trip there was fast and uneventful, although we did find some sort of territory marker somewhat close to the cave. It was a stick with a leather strap connected to it with raven feathers. Once inside I had my typical run in with death (maybe I’ll wave at the Raven Queen the next time this happens), and as usual it was my own fault. I tried to be sneaky and forgot to pay attention to where my feet were. This resulted in me opening up a pit trap filled with spikes. I’d have died were it not for my allies, especially Sylvius who healed me before they passed me down a rope to climb out with.

Due to my screams, no doubt, we sort of alerted a bunch of Cave Goblins, and my word were they unfriendly. The immediately began to shoot, dropping Anduriel and Corvus rather quickly, before we started whittling down their numbers. Once again my on hand goodberry served its purpose well, bringing Anduriel back to the fight just after Slyvius and Fork healed Corvus. The battle raged on as their number fell from about 6 or so that I could see and we began to chase those that ran. We followed them back to the rest of their number and quickly slew them all. Therin and Fork had fled by then, though I don’t blame them seeing as I nearly did as well. After the fighting was done we acquired three gemstones hidden further in and then went to sneak out only to find that the lions were home. 

Vigdis faced them down and conversed with a gnome or halfling (I’m not sure which) that was controlling them. He earned us our lives in the process and we made a hasty retreat so as not to become lion chow like those who died previously. Afterwards we made it back to the town and the relative safety of the Axe and Thistle Tavern where our band (of five at the time) shared a drink over a discussion of our adventure. Also, we ensured that the information we had worked out made it back to the researcher, Orion, and his squirrel.