and Tyreal, the wielder of JUSTICE

Off the Deep End 2018 April 14 15:00 UTC (Levels four plus)

The strange occurrences have gotten worse on the western end of the lake of songs. Strange lights, missing residents, a suspicious lack of wildlife. It’s time to investigate, and you have better bring your A game.
PC’s: Isaac, Tamwyn, Shantarr, Shaun, Ted, Rasz, Maw’ron, Tam
DM: Justen

This is to be merely a list of the things we encountered, starting with creatures


Deep Ones: They come in two forms so far as I’ve seen. Both are weak to fire, they burn like a fish on a griddle. The bigger variety was much more resilient and could fire out bolts of lightning that bounced between several people. Best cure for their existence, fireball, shoot it with extreme prejudice.

Plant-fish-man-things (Unknown real name): These guys worked alongside the Deep Ones, they were exceptionally unfazed by fire, and seemed resilient against magical attacks. Surround them, poke them till they die, and watch out for the blasts of fire they send out.

Magic Talking Armor: Encountered one of these outside of Ruined Oak, talked to it a little, then it fell apart and we refused to touch it. When we fought the Deep Ones we saw a bunch more littered about around them, guess they fought and lost. Lastly, we saw a bunch of Deep Ones get turned into these and bigger ones of them too. 

Tyrael: Head Honcho of the prison block, nice guy, HUGEJUSTICE BONER. This one is a fully realized Celestial Construct, told us he was made by one Maker Alpha 6. He explained many of the rules we’re currently working through for entering the prison and confronting the Deep Mother (a task we all seemed especially eager to complete). He answered our questions as best as he could with the level of access we had all earned. That’ll be explained next. As far as abilities, we saw the aftermath of a battle he had waged, several dead Deep Ones including a bunch of the larger kind were strewn about in front of him. When we got there he started turning each one into those two kinds of moving armors. DON’T ATTACK HIM, HE’S GOOD. If he dies then we’re all screwed even worse than that time Ragnar sold his soul to a devil. 

Oh, and here’s a little extra from a previous mission that happened nearby.

Giant Fucking Monster with Antlers: If this thing has a name I would love to hear it, this fucker had great big long arms and crushed Ted to death. Looked like a skeleton mixed with a stag and a tree and it screamed like a freakin banshee. He was mostly just a huge brute like an ogre or troll but he looked somewhere between magnificent and scary beyond all reason. Avoid at all costs if you ever find another one.

Werewolf: Antler boy had a friend, that friend turned into ash when it tried to claw me. Typical werewolf lore should do you well here, kill it with silver, fire, or magic. Heal up wounds as fast as you can and if you get bitten find someone to remove the curse before the next full moon. You have been warned.

Moving onto the next section

LOCATIONS: Two of em, in fact.

Tyrael’s Prison: This place was made by Tyrael’s creator to hold big nasty creatures that if out and about would mean the return of the cataclysm. According to our big metal friend it has 11 levels of access. Each level gets one deeper into the prison and at the back is the Deep Mother and her Hammer. Now here’s a little chart I’ve made about access:

*Other Shit is a term I use for the many tasks Tyrael said we could do to gain access. These included finding him items/spells/people who would aid in keeping the prisoners inside or proper prisoners to be included within the prison itself.

Southern Prison: This was from the time I fought that giant freakin were-dear dude and the werewolf. There was a stone slab that mentioned prisoners and a note on a corpse that talked about blood. I have interest in going back there but other things draw my attention for the moment.