I’m sure they were here, honest

Isaac’s Trials March 25 2:00 UTC

Isaac and Gwaed recruited some trusty companions to fight KING CHUPA (The SUPACHUPA). 
PC’s: Isaac, Gwaed, Nic, Ata, Artemis, Ri, Nym
DM: Justen 

*Nym is still very much drunk when writing this, and he’s speaking in common the whole time too.

Hey kiddos I can’t believe that all that stuff happened. Those brilliant lights in the sky, that cute little bird that the bony bird grabbed, CLEETUS – awwww man, he’s a nice guy, great stuff he makekes – what else was there? ohrightthem. SO, Nissa, Phin, Tam, lil Nymma, and great Myr – whoimsoproudof, marriage is great, just ask your mother – so, where was I? THE BITERS, that’s right, the angry biters, supa? lupa? CHUPA. Yeah, Shupas, we all got a lot of them didn’t we. Tam, I didn’t know you were so strong, you got even bigger than your old man. Big and scaly, nice teeth too. I approbe. I aprvoe, Iapprove.

WELL, I have to say, when Myr broke that gem I had flashbacks to when I broke plates back home. Your mother would send me out to get new ones or no food, she’s too good to me. But that gusty biggun, mighty powerful him, like a tornado. Nissa, I don’t know where Cleetus sent you before your brother invited his friend over to the party but I hope you enjoyed your time there. He’s a nice man though, I’m sure it was pleasant, it sure was fun fighting him so. I’m astounded though, he’s as excellent as your grandfather – tough man he was too, just like Cleetus, he pushed me off a cliff as a trial about 25 years ago – even so, we dropped him down in the end. Myr and Nissa, you two went off with Cleetus at the end, I hope that went well. 

Now Tam, don’t forget the rule about pets. You took them in, so you care for them. I expect you to handle things just like before. Nissa, I promised to attend the wedding and see you fulfill the role of a bridesmaid, I’m certain you’ll look lovely. I just hope it’s a tough calmer than today was. Oh, and the next time there’s a lady in the sky with diamonds we should all wave to her.

The above was written just after the mission.

Nym reads this batch of drunken notes, remains confused as his kids are several  thousands of mile away. Then he begins to write a clearing up of the events.

Okay, time to make sure I have enough of this for the future. I remember leaving WMC, I remember fighting an elemental and a dragon because Isaac investigated it, and I kinda remember a couple of young men dying. One to the elemental, and another in a matter Isaac didn’t get around to explaining to me. Whatever it was, Gwaed didn’t sleep that first night. By morning Artemis had joined us and we ventured into the Neathy Woods. From here my memory gets hazy, I had a sip of Cleetus’ booze, and it kinda flooded over the memories around it. Piecing it together from the writing above; we got to the lair of the King Chupacabra, defeated the strange creatures, one of our number turned into a giant scaly thing – the image is hazy but I think it was Artemis, couldn’t recognize the creature though. Heh, I bet my son Tam would be impressed with the one I thought was him; Artemis is brave, strong, and just strange enough to fit into my own family. Honestly, they all are, mine is a pretty strange family. Oh yeah, that’s a thing to clear up, seems I thought Isaac and Gwaed were my kids, Myr and Nissa respectively. I’ll have to talk to Gwaed to see what I promised, surely my ancestors will hold me to it as they do with all of the things I say when drunk. After felling the creatures, Cleetus showed up, this part is possibly the haziest, but we’re alive so I assume we won. Oh, and Artemis came back with a hippogriff, that’s the best I can say about the little bird caught by the “bony bird”

Afterwards, Nym copies this log and pins it inside the Axe and Thistle while chuckling under his breath.