Not That Kind Of Silk Road 28 mar 2018 01:00 utc (levels three plus)

Phineas requires fine silk with which to make celeste’s wedding dress. Spiders supposedly produce fine silk…
PC’s: Isaac, Eep, Lunair, Nym, Herad, Hellion 
DM: Justen

How to explain the rather pathetic final mission of Nym? Unlucky, mistreated, confusing as all hell? All good choices. After the disappearance of Gwaed, Nym had taken up her role as Isaac and Celeste’s wedding planner because he had made a promise to Gwaed and he felt this would have to suffice since the original promise couldn’t be upheld. As such, he spent the last few days since then making sure of certain arrangements and checking the progress of others.

This is about when Phineas asked after silk to be used in Celeste’s wedding dress. Isaac gathered some sturdy allies and sent them forth ahead of him while he took care of some business. These included Eep, Hellion, Herad, and the “ever dependable” Nym; after all, he had to ensure that the bride got her dress. As the party proceeded outward they ran into what seemed to be a unicorn, Nym certainly thought so, and the deceptive creature crushed him down before he could even act. As he fell, Nym’s companions went to work defeating the creature, Eep in particular was so eager to hurt it that he had his familiar torch Nym as he lay there bleeding out in an effort to hit it. It was within seconds of this that his soul detached from his body, trampled and burnt as it was. The creature was defeated but that was only the beginning of this venture’s poor luck.

Nym’s body was later eaten by large scaly beasts, his items lost to the wilds, his soul then passed into the liminal territory of his ancestors’, journeying back to the mainland where his family await his aid in a more spiritual fashion. In this same moment a ship neared WMC with a fair haired young man who looked up, watching the soul fly away from the island. 

On the ship, the young man, Tam Aloric, watches the streak of silver he knows to be his father’s soul as it makes its way home. “Well who said you were allowed to die before I got here? No one, no one allowed that. Tch, mom’s gonna make hell.”