Eldritch Blast should just be called Finger Bang

Impromptu Goblin Cave March 29 23:00 UTC

Tam led a small band south toward a goblin cave he read about in a log.
PC’s: Tam, William, Ri, Nic
DM: Marrr

Wow, what a rush, first mission out and I was already leading a fine group of adventurers towards a dangerous locale filled with treasure. At least, I think it was filled with treasure. We didn’t go all the way into the cavern – more of a fortress really with all of the traps – we saw a hallway and a door but the fighting inside tired us out so we departed. There might be more stuff in there.

As a whole, the group worked really well. Nic turned out to be a really good distraction at the front, Will is an amazing healer, and Ri was quite handy for someone who looked like he would fall over from a small breeze. Shields and magic proved a fine combo in this place, I only got hit once but my eldritch blast was dropping them like flies. OH YEAH, the one goblin that did manage to hit me is a pile of ash now because I returned the favor with a bit of fire magic.

After a few rooms we came to a long hallway with this large winged creature covered in spikes. The weird ass thing carried a fork or trident so I quickly cast Protection from Evil and Good on myself and kept it’s focus on me as we quickly dealt with it. After that we pushed on and killed another five goblins, skinned the purple guy, and headed back to town. 

Apparently it was to this place that my dad had his first mission too, kinda nice that we got to clear it up.