…Kinda wish I had a spear like that.

Dagobah Aims to Misbehave 2018 Mar 08 10:00 UTC

Precise location of the mine has been found, but it’s off the edge of a cliff. The reconnaissance is left undone, and how in the hell do you learn more?!?
PC’s: Kydan, Sirbliss, Taman, Lorick, Aelar
DM: Dagobah, the master of weather

Another mission, another near miss meeting with the Raven Queen. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just going to live my life with one foot constantly in the grave. At least we all survived, same as my first mission, it would be dreadful if we didn’t all make it back. For the most part the mission went pretty standard, far as I can tell, till our retreat of course. We traveled north by boat until a storm forced us to proceed on land, climbed up to the mine entrance, and snuck toward the area releasing smoke. 

I feel that’s where things got off track a bit, I don’t think I’ll ever forget to cast detect magic when approaching a hideout of sentient beings again, not after walking straight into an Alarm spell. Still, the goblins felt perfectly fine with waiting for us to walk into their lair and with the weapons they had on hand I can see why. After just learning the bladesong I felt somewhat confidant that I could stay up for a little while, dodging a blow here and a strike there, but it didn’t help me much when one goblin started throwing thunderous explosives at us. I must admit, it quite turned my head, and it wasn’t long before his strikes had dealt such a number on us that we had to switch to defensive combat. The other spectacular weapon that they had on hand was an amazing spear used by the goblin that was leading them. By all accounts I believe him to have been their war chief, he certainly had the charisma and strength to command the cave troll, Gary, that they sicced on us. Whatever his title, the spear is where my focus lies. He first used it in an attempt to skewer me, and would have were it not for a hasty shield spell, and from this attempt I was able to glean two properties of the weapon. The first was an enchantment that dealt freezing magic to whatever it touched, I saw as much when the spell hit my shield, and the second allowed the spear to return to his hand. Truly, an impressive weapon held by an impressive foe.

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As for the results of the mission, Lorick distracted/befriended the cave troll through combat while Taman dealt blow after blow with his cannon and Sirbliss, Aelar, and myself provided as much cover and support as we could. Alas, it was to little avail, many of the enemies still stood by the time Aelar had retreated, Lorick was dropped by the troll, Sirbliss was similarly dropped by the goblins, and I myself having nearly been slain by a boulder. Taman managed to convince the goblin war chief to let us live – on the condition that we and no others attempt to attack them in the future – and with a quick round of healing we made our way back. 

As we were sent to investigate the goings on inside the cave I feel we met with some success, but I am somewhat saddened that we couldn’t handle them on our own. If by some strange reason someone is reading these notes, feel free to also investigate the mine, and if you manage to find Gary do tell them that Lorick says hello. I feel he would.