What’s that rotten Smell ? – 2018 04 22 13:00 UTC

Lets go check out the Cabin near the River. See what’s going on in that Cellar.
PC’s: Fred, Balthazar, Anduriel, Ragnar, Yarlow, Artix
DM: Grumpy

So, my first mission out was a great time, sadly, one member of the party died. Yarlow will be missed. BUT I GOT TO SLAYTHE UNDEAD AND EVEN A NECROMANCER. So yeah, it was a great time. 

Well, I can’t say I have too much to say about what’s going on here on Katashaka so for now I guess I’ll just write some hunting logs, after all we did find some crazy monsters. 


Lizardfolk: Nothing really special here, I bet a lot of people have seen these. Look out for their shields, they use the spikes on them to attack. One had really cool plate armor, we killed him, now Balthazar has it. It comes off really quickly.

Lizardfolk Zombies: Now these were where things got weird. They took all manner of physical blows and didn’t seem to be hurt in the least. Fire worked well enough and our SMITES SENT THESE FOUL UNDEAD BACK TO THEIR AFTERLIFE. 

Fishy Necromancer: This guy looked humanish but with a bit of fish features, oh and he spoke in Deep Speech. Luckily I picked up that language a good deal of time ago so I understood him. He was shouting about sea gods and what not. I heard tell of beings known as Deep Ones having attacked Ruined Oak, but this wasn’t like them exactly though he shared their weakness to fire; maybe there’s a connection though. He was definitely a necromancer though, he was the one raising those zombies. He took Yarlow’s head clean off with one swish of his hand, right after that I shot him in the face with an eldritch blast and he was killed. 

That was it for this mission, we burned all of the bodies along with the hut, including Yarlow. Please look foreword to my next log which deals with some metal pods we saw fall from the sky as we returned to Ruined Oak.