Skitter my Silver Slithers

Falling Stars ? – 2018 04 22 17:00 UTC

We saw some Stars fall from the sky, split, and crash into the ground somewhere on the Plains. Probably should go check that out right ?
PC’s: Fred, Balthazar, Gronk, Miramar, Raze, Artix
DM: Grumpy

Welcome back to another one of my logs, if you haven’t read the first one I do suggest checking it out. Great Quality, Scary Monsters, Brave Acts, Death; it has all of that. 

Right then, that was that log and this is this one. We found a strange new creature that I’m calling Slithers. Great name right? I thought so too. Because of our discovery I felt like I should write up another hunting log, so here it goes.


Nightmare: Before I get to the main event, here’s the first creature we encountered along our journey. As we rested the first night some of the party noticed a horse running towards us that was emitting light. As it got closer we saw why, the creature had hair straight black and fire on its hooves, tail, and mane. Balthazar wished to tame it so we defeated it, the last blow made to knock it out coming from him. Yet when he did drop it the thing turned to ash which fell upon the ground. Miramar and myself worked out that it was a type of fiend known as a Nightmare, I don’t know what its weaknesses are but like all fiends it took great damage from our smites.

GHOST SHARK: I WILL SMITE ALL OF THE UNDEAD, ahem, I mean this large shark came at us while we made our way across the river south of Ruined Oak. It dealt a heavy blow to Raze but luckily Miramar was able to heal him. We surrounded the creature and vanquished it like all undead creatures. It feels good to destroy such creatures of darkness. Its bite was very powerful, keep away from its teeth.

LITTLE SLITHERS: These silvery snake like creatures emerged from the large metal eggs I’ll discuss later on. They’re thin and moved like snakes but had upright parts with big pokey arm things. The little ones weren’t too bad but apparently they can fly and apparently some of these Slither creatures can spit acid. 

Pally Slithers: HOOO BOY, these guys were a pain in the butt. The larger Slithers that we ran across were like paladins or something. When the touched one of their allies the other one would heal up, we had to separate the two larger ones we fought to keep them from healing each other. Once we did they went down rather quickly though, but they did pack a wallop. 


Old Lady’s House: As we passed down south to the craters we noticed lights in the distance and ventured over to have a look. What we found were two really worn down buildings, one a house and the other a store house. Inside the house we met an old woman and her cat, she seemed a bit forgetful but not dangerous or anything. Definitely not undead. Oh, looking at her made Balthazar and Miramar sick, might just be because of her looks. 

Small Craters: Around the same area as the woman’s house was where we found the large metal eggs, they had made impact craters so we believe them to be what fell from the sky. The Slithers all came out of these eggs and we took some shards of them back with us,; some kind of strange metal. 

Large Crater: South of the first four craters was one completely massive one, the whole area could probably have fit the woman’s house and the first four craters. Everything around the place was dust and the crater itself had all become glass-like sand. We suspect something might be down underneath the crater, but we decided whatever is there was too big to handle for now. 


Slither Eggs: We found two sizes of these things, one size was around twice as big as the other size and we found two of each. The Slithers came from inside of them, poking large chunks of the shell away. One had molten material in the bottom of it, another had a dead Slither in it, and a third had this weird hatch that opened up to a pit with smaller hatches that opened to the touch. These were like compartments someone might build into a desk or something, WAY COOL.

Slither Potions: Inside some of those compartments were three vials. Two of them contained a blackish liquid that shifted to silver when shaken and the other one had a magenta color that did the same. The town healer said they had healing properties.

Slither Bracelet: We also found this Bracelet in a compartment; it wasn’t magical but it looked cool. It has strange squishy bits that are different colors and we figured it might be important so I kept it instead of selling it. (I had also found a bracelet that a Lizardfolk had been looking for in the hut, but we sold it……I sure hope it wasn’t important

OOC: Alright, alright, the bracelet doesn’t really look like a Xenomorph and the Slithers are really Slivers from Magic the Gathering, but hey, Artix doesn’t know that, does he? See you all next time as Artix continues to smite everything he comes across, especially if they’re undead.