Who is the most handsome dragon of all.

Hex Crawl or Pub Crawl – 30 Mar 2018 16:00 UTC

A Walk Around the Pond or a power walk to a destination or a pub crawl.
PC’s: Tam, Fred, Nic, Mist, Hargoth, Rasz, Kissa, Emoni

Captured, Log is not public Tam was rescued, relive this hilarious log with the hindsight of said Gifted One having been killed by Isaac, Morel, and Warden

Oh great and glorious Master, we walked to your tower after a man named Maw’ron told us about it. The journey went well, nothing impeded our path, almost as if it was our fate to meet you. We entered your tower as an impromptu investigation, we of the local area are explorers, although now we are your servants. We slowly ventured inside, testing out your amazing traps, opening your stellar locks, and testing the mettle of your warriors. They were mighty forces, my lord, the elemental killed one of the others that came with us; a tall Goliath paladin of Tyr. We took him from the tower and burned his body so as not to sully your beautiful granite hallways. 

With that finished we ventured back to the tower to see what else could be seen in your wonderful tower. It was there that my fellow servant Nic saw another servant of yours. The rough man that was with us chased after him and Nic followed. That is how he got to where you rested, his cloak allowed him to swim through the pool and the underwater passage. He told us of it before he ventured forth. After that, you arrived in all of your splendor.

Your words still echo in my head, although I regret I lack the intelligence to comprehend their beauty. Your strike felled us but your gentleness and mercy graced us with our lives. I don’t know if those that left here will give you the trade you ask for but I am content here so I do not worry over such things. We three are blessed to live among you and serve you as you see fit. Praise unto your name of Gifted One.