God damn it, Wulfgar

Don’t Die 2018 April 18 01:00 UTC

Well, Well, Well. I think we’re evil now…
PC’s: Wulfgar, Uriq, Shantarr, Tamwyn, Rasz, Isaac, Tam
DM: Justen

I don’t know what the hell happened, I honestly don’t, I need to repent for this shit. What shit you might ask? Let me see, well it all started with a simple fucking mission to a nice mine that Isaac and Wulfgar had found after dealing with Salazan. They’d already conversed with some of the inhabitants there and were met with cold but relatively okay reactions. We traveled over there and defeated a white dragon after our souls. GREAT. All fine and dandy, great, so we decided to head over there and be diplomatic with them. That part went great, we met some crystal elementals, did the talky bits, and got permission to have people from Ruined Oak mine there. GREAT. Then we found a room with a creepy ass throne all covered in black spikes, which we dropped into an immense pit. great. Isaac sealed it with wall fo stone. good. Then we rested outside and a well magically appeared……. GREAT!!! (not great). I tried to get everyone to leave the well alone, don’t fuck with it, don’t drink it, don’t blow it up with a fire ball. Ah fuck.

That’s where everything went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off the rails. Tamwyn decided to try and bottle some of the water to drink later. The glass turned into some weird ass dragon with a centipede like tail which proceeded to burrow into the ground. Not so bad, but it was a sign of things to come. See, to get rid of it, and gods I wish he hadn’t done this, Isaac decided to fireball the well, pieces went everywhere, water went everywhere, and out popped some nice new innocent creatures: A black dragon, a stone giant, a troll, a dog with magical abilities, and some crazy ass snail with stalks that looked like flails. This wasn’t so bad either, all things considered, or at least it wouldn’t have been if not for Wulfgar deciding to attack the dragon. Fighting ensued, we backed up our newly youth returned friend’s belligerent actions, and soon enough Wulfgar was dead, the dragon was dead, and Rasz was dead…… OH, and Uriq had decided to drink from the well and turned into a broomstick. Having attacked them before they attacked us we were rightfully getting attacked by these creatures and were forced to flee, Shantarr barely managing to grab Rasz’ body for resurrection. 

So, Uriq is lost to us, forever a broom, Wulfgar is dead, and a bunch of incredibly powerful and completely innocent creatures have rightly called us evil. I feel that I need to atone for this day, I have lost the light, none of them were fiends or undead, just creatures, and yet I fought them anyway. Begins to pray Wulfgar, I truly hope you find peace with yourself and that Tempus takes you into his embrace. Poor unnamed black dragon, I seek your forgiveness for the attacks I made against you and hope you find peace in the embrace of the Raven Queen. Uriq, maybe one day we will reforge a bridge to those people and re-obtain your body turned broomstick so we might free your soul. Either way, sleep well my fallen friends.