My party and I set off from Ruined Oak in hopes of finding Mephits near Spider’s reach outpost. Zugall, Omega, Belanor, and Jerime were hoping we’d be able to brave the storm and smite some foes……things did not go our way. Shortly after our journey began we ran into a roaming merchant wagon, from which some potions were purchased. Belanor put on a surprisingly good toon with his flute, so much so even he looked shocked, which lowered the prices a bit. As night came upon us we settled down next to a camp site that we had found. The owner was no where to be seen but we hoped to run into them during the night. Their introduction came at a bit of surprise as I found myself staring off lost in the distance, as a dagger slipped up to my throat. After explaining to the halfling that we were on a mission for Ruined Oak and that White Moon Cove had fallen, he removed the dagger from throat. He seemed tired and mentioned he was hunting a magical creature in the Silent Forest. Eager to begin his drinking we decided to save questions until the morning.

Our night however, wasn’t done with being unpleasant. Gnolls came at us and I was unfortunately the brunt of one their attacks, which caused me to fall. Luckily Jermine is a fine doctor and I was brought promptly back to my feet. Outside of me being put on my backside the gnolls didn’t offer much of a resistance after that and were quickly dispatched. Lassy, the Halfling’s guard dog proved to be very vicious and slung one of the gnolls up on a rock after mauling it. When morning came we continued our questioning of the Halfling and he identified himself as Jerry Springfoot. He was looking into a a spider he called a Phaser Taser for Lady Moonflower. He asked us if we could inform Broc Lee, a Bugbear, that he had found the spider, to which we agreed.

Our next day started off with some lovely skies and everything seemed like it was going to be great. Then Belanor noticed a fairly large rock falling from sky…..directly at us. We ran and found some jagged rocks and………next thing I know I’m waking up with singe marks along my armor and feeling rather warm. The impact site was still extremely hot and molten lava had pooled around the site, so we decided to camp and hope things cooled down. Needless to say it didn’t and probably wont for some time, but was worth a shot.

The next day we pressed on to the house of Broc Lee, which at first gave us pause. Outside his doors were the dead bodies of gnolls, both and fresh. Luckily the Bugbear seemed unharmed and offered us shelter for the night, at the usual rate. One thing he mentioned did catch my ear, but I’m uncertain of what he meant. He was surprised that we didn’t seek Lady Moonflower’s assistance with the invasion of White Moon Cove and said he was sure she’d be willing to share a page or two out of a book. I can only assume these would be some rather powerful spells, maybe she’d still be willing to aide with said spells in a counter attack, or defense of Ruined Oak if the need arises.

While at Broc Lee’s, Belanor brought up some tracks that we had found along the way to his place and that they were a mix of deamon and Bugbear. Broc informed us that there was a group of bugbears called the Beared Ones that were probably looking for a new place to call home. Unfortunately their new home seems to be the Silent Forest, which isn’t far from Ruined Oak. We assessed the severity of the storm and decided that we weren’t equipped well enough to handle going any further and decided to return with the knowledge we had gained.

On our way back we revisited the tracks but were unable to find where the Bearded Ones might have setup at, but I believe it would be on the southeastern edge of the Silent Forest. We decided not to waste too much time on this and carried on back to the meteor’s impact site and see how the cooling was coming along. When we got there some dwarves were standing at the lip of the crater peering into it. They mentioned they weren’t after the materials that had fallen, but hoping to find something to help them cure their sick. Jermine and I looked around the site and found a piece of the meteor that looked like two tear shaped stones put together to form an hour glass shape. We offered it to the dwarves but they said it wouldn’t be of any use to them so I kept a piece of the rock that tried to end me.

We continued on our way and ran into a small band of lizard man, which took one major blow and decided to run away. Was a very quick encounter with scared lizards.

With that came the end of our adventure, minus big ole Zugall and Belanor getting wasted on some firewater. We returned to Ruined Oak, all alive and intact. Yondalla be praised!