GM – Adalyn

Players – Iceforge(Nalkris), Lloyd(Leon), Servana(Lera), Ramz-E(Vestrivan)

I decided to take up Sergeant Gilleye up on his Kobold mission and decided to join some fellow adventures and see what we could do. My companions for this adventure would be Nalkris, the elven Warlock, Leon, a young wizard and Lera, a black dragonborn fighter.

We set off on our mission and immediately happened upon some kind of tree that seemed to be bleeding. We took a quick look using some familiars, but decided against getting too close. Since it had nothing to do with kobolds we decided to pass it by.

As we continued on our way we then came upon what seemed to be a random fire in the long grass. We decided to spend some time cutting down some grass around the fire and doing our best to contain it and spreading of the fire. Doing this did take up a fair bit of time, so once we were finished we decided to set up camp nearby for the night.

As we set up for the night, I went hunting for food and managed to find a nice bit of rabbit. As I was finishing it off on my watch, I noted the creatures in the woods nearby acting very aggitated. I woke up the rest of the group and told them there was something in the woods that was scaring the creatures. Leon sent his owl to investigate and we discovered that the thing in the woods was actually a young blue dragon wyrmling!

Luckily for us, there were a few of us that were able to speak draconic, and Leon began to speak with her. It turned out that there was a band of blue kobolds that had been hurting Sanguine (the wyrmlings name) and that they had taken her young brother captive and were hurting him too. Leon managed to tell the dragon that we would help and it seemed to settle down and become calm and happy to spend the night with us. We carried on with our watches, very aware that we had a blue dragon sleeping in our camp with us …

On Nalkris watch, we discovered several golden cats watching us from the edge of the woods. We tried to entice them out and they just came right out up to use and allowed us to pet them. Some of them stayed with us through the night as morning came with no further incidents.

We asked the dragon if she knew where the kobolds were, which she did and then started leading us towards them. After an hour or so of travel we were led to an entrance of what looked to be a kobold lair. We ventured inside, but the dragon was too big to enter the tunnel.

We began exploring the cave, finding several traps along the way we eventually discovered some blue kobolds. The kobolds spotted Leons familiar and attacked it on sight. We managed to defeat the kobolds and the swarm of centipede’s that one of them released, but we took some heavy hits in the process. Suddenly realising that we didnt actually have any way of healing ourselves, we decided to retreat in order to get some reinforcements before we headed back in.

Outisde, Leon spoke with the dragon and she seemed to be ok with us leaving due to our circumstances and she decided to come back to the blood eye camp and the leafy woods.

As we were travlling back, we came across a giant snail, that seemed to have what look like a giant inn on its back as its shell. We decided to take a look and was very suprised by how impressively furnished and very high class it was. Gundrik the dwarf, was the proprietor of the travelling snail inn, whilst there were some very friendly halflings working there as staff. We stayed for some food and as the snail seemed to be heading to the leafy woods we decided to stay aboard and enjoy the trip.

Once it reached the woods we debarked and headed back to the blood eye camp and finished our adventure there.