DM: Seph

Players: Balthier, notably not Karn, reliable Glanfath, others

I had spent some time contemplating how best to aid a new found friend and man in plight, Zak. I asked my otherworldly acquaintance if they could be of any assistance and was greeted with a thankfully positive reply. In an attempt to prove this to Zak, I have gathered a portion of his blood in order to purify it in a test to ensure that we are able to cure him of what assails him.

I quickly gathered a group to help make the journey south to the craig. My dear friend and trustworthy ally Glanfath was thankfully able to accompany. It did not take long for us to make our way, and soon I found the large violet doors before me.

Shockingly, much has changed (and not for the better). Upon entering, a scene of desecration and and the stench of corruption could be felt, much to my chagrin. I made my way to the entity’s avatar nonetheless determined to understand what had happened in my absence, to offer a piece of knowledge, and make good on my offer to aid my new found friend.

Upon communication with the entity, it had disappointingly declined to help in purifying Zaks’ blood. What was more shocking, though, was it’s terminology in it’s answer, having said it had come to a temporary truce with the parasite, and that I should take it away and destroy it at first opportunity. This seeming lack of ability seems to counter it’s initial willingness and verbose boasting of it’s capabilities. It seemed to even offer a tinge of offense at being offered the alien entities heart and sample of blood, stating that they were of like origin. This further hints to a much less all encompassing array of power that the entity would hold sway over.

We did not, as a group, allow this to hinder our progress in destroying and closing the seeming rift to hell that lay below, though. Having affixed new tools to the cavernous hole, it is now much, much easier and safer to ascend and descend to the second level below. We made an initial foothold into the fortress esque room beyond , but before we were able to make any additional progress, those in company stated a desire to turn and regroup. We inevitably allowed this and returned to the spider craig outpost to rest and regroup (if you could call it that as the unwashed and disgusting guards from the week prior were still there, along with their stench and grotesque habits.)

The following morning, we stopped back by the craig and had a discussion with the entity. It still did not desire to aid me in my request, and with the mission a resounding failure, we returned home via the well trodden road. The weather, equally dismal, did not raise my spirits one bit, and I now must return to my friend, if his would still call himself such, with the worst news I could imagine.