Trial Wizard Cup

DM: Neal

Party: Bubbles







Mission Briefing

After an intresting afternoon earlier in the day Thoradin wittnessed a reincarnation spell of a Dwarff spy from the evil forces up north. The spy when coming back to life was reincarnated into an elf’s boday and upon haveing a conversation with the party he told us of some evil up north and the party found this intreaging and wanted to inspect it. We designated a leader, Sammal, a Trailblazer, Bubbles as the Trailblaze and Daffodil as the Scout. 

Rumors of Evil Up North - Day 1

As the party left White Moon Cove we headed North East on the information we were given from the dwarf to see what we could find. We made great timming and got to the edge of the Neathy Woods by the first day. During our watch Bubbles told us a Wise Woman by the name Gwyndolen came to him during his watch and told him about an evil live tree that is moving around up north and that her grandsons, Zac and Zachary are hunting the evil being and the fey around it. Bubbles woke us up after thie encounter and told us of his findings. The third watch was eventful as well, Sammal and Saren spotted movement during their watch and woke us to find an evil being approaching.

Evil in the midst of night - Day 1

As the 3rd watch woke up the party many could see an evil looking creature heading our way with the exception of IronAle and Bubbles, our heavy hitters. By the looks of the creature it was som sort of devil and the party had a had time finding its weak spots as it unleashed powerful attacks towards us. Myself and Saren had some sort of evil curses dropped on our amulets causing sharp thorns to penetrate our bodies as we wore them. Eventually we were able to slay the evil creature, though it had little coin, it was one less evil the old wise woman, Gwyndolen had to take care of…

The Evil Up North - Day 2

As we advanced further up north, we felt an eerie vibe as we came across a massive track that spanned a wide area, leaving scattered Gnoll bodies on the ground as we followed a strange dark looming cloud up ahead. A we got closer we saw a massive tree eating something up with its roots, seeing its massive size we decided just to scout and report what we saw but by this time it was too late we had been spotted… The tree along with an assortment of other strange creatures and Fey started to dash our way as we began to flee. The massive tree erupted some form of poisonous gas from the ground where we were standing causing many us of a hard time to see and hurting us as the poison got into our bodies through our pores. Luckily we  were able to escape but we did notice for the short time we were there that there was huge swarm of minions around the tree and they surprisingly ran extremely fast as some almost caught ups to us as we fled away. 

The rush back home - Day 3

As we hurried on home, we made camp one last time as we fled away the massive tree and its minion’s. The following day as we headed back south we saw that the strange cloud that was around the tree when we saw it was slowly moving south at a much slower pace, assuming it will be much closer for the next adventurers that find it. We arrived back to White Moon Cove with no losses and some intel on the fowl monstrosity up north hopefully the intel we found will aid future adventurers.  I have marked the spotting of the tree at the time we saw it but it may be further south from this point as we saw it coming further south.