Se we heared about a bandit leader that gots away and decided to go catch him before he maked more trouble. We get out of town and wonder around for days not findings nothing. At one point we had some goblins try to sneak into camp but we sawed them. We gave one food but he started to grab at stuff and one of the guys punched it and knocked it out. The rest of the gobos got upset that we had killed their leader and rushed into camp. We bringed him back awake he said he was just looking for more foods but he never says that. Anyhow, they just left muttering in they’s gobo language.

Later we find a man walking around sort of lost. When we talk to him he is all confuseded and keeps introducing hisself. We finally get the idea that his group was attacked by some green things and we decide those gobos are making more troubles. We go look for them and find them sorting through loots they took from the man and his group. We tries to sneak into their camp and are just as successful as they was. They had two big doggies but we was able to kill them all.

We think it maybe better to get the man back to town and find help so him can remember stuff so we go that way. We start following river and that is when Peri sees what may be the area where they lost the bandit the first time. We was on the wrong side of the river the whole time! Someone will have to go back out, on the right side of the river, to see if they can find him. At least the gobos will not make more trouble.