DM : Taka

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for the useful bit of information so let’s start with that.

The swamp South of White Moon Cove is home to a black dragon. I think we knew that before, ever since that lone survivor came back from a meeting with it. Well, now we know it more. His name is Grimace.

Contrary to the other guy, we didn’t get to meet Grimace but we did get to hear its voice. As the builders were working on the bridge, we were first accosted by two kobolds who accused us of trespassing and not asking for permission. Discussion quickly turned to violence and they were both soon dead, as is tradition. A few days later, a dozen or so of their friends came to ask if we’d seen the first two. We tried to play dumb but I’m really not good at lying so it also turned to violence and soon enough they were also dead. Tradition is important. Some more days (or maybe just one, who’s counting?) later, a couple of kobolds approached the camp again. This time, discussion was much more productive.

I had the distinct privilege of exchanging a few words with Speaker Zree (or maybe it’s Tree. Or Sree. Hard to tell and I didn’t feel like asking him). Anyway, Speaker Wii came to discuss “reparations” for the killings we’ve conducted on the servants of Grimace. I put forward the very truthful argument that we merely acted in self defense and tried to reason with the fuckers (I didn’t say fuckers). He tried to paint us as the aggressors since we invaded their territory. He said that we can’t just come and start building in someone else’s territory and if we would like it they came to White Moon Cove and started building a statue of Grimace. He was so happy with himself with that example that he decided that we’d need to actually do that in reparation of what happened. I tried to get him to commit to it : we build the statue in exchange for the bridge. But the conversation got interrupted by a zealous element of the crew who thought it smart to tell Speaker Vree that I had no authority on the matter and that I can’t promise a statue. Speaker Free used that against us to send us back home and come back with such proof of authority to continue the negotiation. I don’t know who will have the privilege of doing that but I’d bet my spot in Hell that they will have to offer much more than a statue. If he didn’t realize then that our likes actually liked dragon statues, he sure does now.

So that’s the important bit.
Otherwise, there was a troll who wanted to claim the bridge so we got him up to speed with our tradition. We had some help from Monsignor Farfalla and his team which is nice. Some interplanar inn popped a couple miles away from camp too and we slept there. A merchant showed up during the night on one of the days and claimed to have some cool stuff to sell. When I asked what it was, she demanded that I pay her for the privilege to know what it is… I laughed at her face and she soon was on her way.

On our way back, we found some strange colors on the road. I’ve collected a sample and included some of it with the present report. If this proves of any significance, please reach back by way of letter.

Yours truly,
Sir Abel