OOC Particulars

Dungeon Master: Seph
Party: Abel, Cober, Eight, Lysing, Tenfoll’at, Tingork
Session Date: Friday, September 18, 2020

Wonderbringer International Division

Katashaka Mission Report XXVII

On the advancement of the Allied Freeholds of Katashaka northwesterly throughway infrastructure via unskilled labor furnished principally by proletarian serpens hominum of an erstwhile subjugated nature  and other anecdotes

Prepared by: Cober Snek, Seeker of the Eleventh Order

Prepared for: High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration Record Keeping Department

Prepared on: The Eighteenth day of Eleint in the Year of our Lord 1495

Local time is now 2359

Not long after leaving Port Mirandia behind, we chanced upon a trader named Rhonda (possibly Ronda, but she was in no mood to clarify) with whom Eight attempted to strike up an amicable relationship. After he shared quite a bit of information with her regarding numerous topics, the information broker gave us a reduced price on a scroll of banishment and went on her way towards Mirandia in search of further tidbits no doubt. Upon parting, she assured Eight they were at the very least friendly acquaintances though he seemed a bit dejected to fall short of friendship. I for one gathered the impression Rhonda’s will might not be entirely her own, the imp on her shoulder seemed to step in at one point when it seemed she might grant a small request of Eight’s.

Continuing on our way with the road building site we noticed at some distance a group of orcs committing a sacrificial ritual involving removing the heart from an individual. By the time we reached them, the orcs took note of our sally and went to ground. Whether they were in hiding nearby or had actually turned invisible, we could not locate them, but we did take their horses and found a note of import from the leader of the Blood Cultists. Being partially in Infernal and Dwarvish it read approximately thusly: “Followers I need still beating hearts to finish my machine, from innocents (children) blonde of hair blue of eyes. Bring them to the circle and follow the first instructions to a T. Once you have done this bring the seven still beating hearts to me.” After locating three still beating hearts in jars amongst the saddlebags, I spent some time identifying the manner of magic that lay upon them. It appeared to be a modified animate dead spell that was able to keep a portion of the body alive sans the whole. Determining that the bodies these hearts belonged to were unlikely to be of use to the previous husks, we destroyed the hearts so as to deny the cultists more rapid access to the aforementioned machine should the orcs remain in the area and attempt to regain them. While destroying the hearts we did hear some ghastly moans as the last vestiges of life were denied the flesh who’s only purpose was to energize the machinations of madman. After this piteous display we spied some structures approximately two and a half miles from the trail, but not wanting to leave the workers unguarded, we maintained our positions. Despite reservations after the encounter with the blood cultist orcs the night passed peacefully enough.

Not but a few hours into roadwork beginning next day, a fire-breathing wyvern was drawn to a pack of 11 wild horses near our caravan, but seemingly unsatisfied with them turned its attention to us. However, the party reacted admirably and Os quickly brought him down before any were injured, but for a few scratches to Abel. However, as Moonsue says, “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” This is a lesson with which Tingork is now intimately acquainted for as she attempted to obtain poison from the creature, her hand slipped and caused significant injury though not fatal thank Gond. Quite ironic the drake could be said more dangerous in death than life don’t you think?

That night, which turned into a downpour during the third watch, Abel saw many flashes of lightning close to a tower in the distance, but we stayed our course the following morning and did not investigate. Tenfoll’at also discovered a dead body that could have been another victim of cultists taking the hearts of the innocents. Out on the road, a trio of cloakers descended upon the party in a marshy area and surprising the great majority of our party. Through the foresight of the Wondebringer I was able to act expediently, disabling one and instructing Os to kill another. Fortunate once again were we that the creatures came upon us during a bright day or else we might truly have lots all the workers and perhaps our own lives. Tenfoll’at determined these aberrations would not usually have taken such risks or been in this area at all and postulated something of far greater power may have driven them from their home. With the three foul creatures slain, we were able to discover a number of valuables left in the area from those unfortunates the cloakers had claimed prior to their demise at our hands. 

Having completed a goodly amount of the remaining road project, but losing some workers and having such vital information regarding cultist plans as we had uncovered, we decided to turn our faces once more toward home. Before crossing the Mirandia bridge, we chanced upon a well with goblinoid markings, Tenfoll’at was able to tell us that it meant “Humans in here”. Being pressed for time we did not investigate further, but I recommend follow up either to determine if cultists may be using this as an entrance to a base of operations or perhaps macabre storage of sorts for those of blonde hair and blue eyes.

Ever a Seeker of The Holy Maker of All Things