DM: Seph

Players: Balthier, Karn, Belanor, HC375, Titus

I ventured out, again, at the last minute with a group requesting aid. I knew not where we were heading, or what we would find when we arrived. That, though, is the essence of adventure. So away we went, down one of the myriad paths of life, to a destination that would undoubtedly change our lives forever.

We headed west out of the Cove like most do, following the trail to the sweet tea well for a refill. Afterward, we headed south. I was happy to go, as I had not yet been to the marshes and had guessed we would find something of interest or import therein. How wrong I was. At the end of the day, we camped out as rough wilderness goers do, The burning logs on the outpost fire blowing smoke in our direction, guards traipsing about at all hours of the night and a brigand kept on post who was a complete lack of all manner or pleasantry. Not a bit of food, laughter, or water to be had. Further detail I will not go into, but safe to say, we lived.

The following day we ventured to a strange crevice wherein was a rocky, unforgiving labyrinthine maze with sharp, arduous floors and danger around every corner and in every nook. After several hair raising battles and close calls, we found ourselves face to face with a vile, acid spitting, 10 foot tall, razor sharp pincer-ed beast of pure blood lust. It took a great deal quick thinking and ingenuity on those of us who were not scared witless. By the end, two were down, blood was all over my waist coat, and the damned beast was dragging off a companion. Being the only one with strength to continue, I brazenly launched down a hole it was digging in escape, rescued my unconscious ally from certain death and felled the beast in a single sweeping blow.

It was not long after that we found a curious circle which none could divine the purpose of. We decided to leave shortly there after, as we had pressing matters to attend in the cove, and a date with an incoherent brigand at the outpost. We decided to stay the night again at that rough and downtrodden place, how it costs so much I do not know, but thievery of the state is my suspicion. On the next day we were returning to home and came across a curious rock in the road of impressive value. We decided to take from it what we could, I mean would you blame us? Spending so much time out on the wild front of the island never more than a breath from certain demise, we could use some recompense. There was an odd mist that escaped the thing as we dug into it. I don’t know how rocks work on this plane, but in mine, this is not a common occurrence. Either way, upon our return home, we found a hefty ransom for our arduous labor on the boulder and a pittance for the rapscallion we graciously bore safely home from that outpost. I do wish to return, but, they should really spend some money fixing that dilapidated hovel of an outpost.