GM: Geokhan

The Party: Zoren, Montgomery, Argon, Silthon, Pyhora


The party left White Moon Cove after brief introductions. Pyhora merely mentioned that he had been a Lieutenant in the Evermeet 2nd Marines serving aboard the swanship Rôthzagar. The journey north was uneventful other than the discovery of a riding horse tied to a tree. No owner was found, though the remains of a humanoid were nearby. Several members of the party attempted to mount the steed but it resisted both attempts. “Well if someone really wanted to retain possession of this mare they wouldn’t have left her out here alone”, Pyhora said as he untied her and began to lead her away. As the party made camp Pyhora inquired as to which army Montgomery had commanded as the elder elf had referred to himself as “General”. Learning that the cleric had never served in any form of military unit the marine snickered and found a quiet spot to meditate. After a night along the trail, which passed without incident, the party made their way down the coast until they arrived at Gordon the fisherman’s hut. Montgomery mentioned that on his last visit the fisherman had served delicious fish sticks and that the area was home to chickens and other animals. Today the place was vacant. No fisherman, no animals, only a note on the front door. Pyhora read the note which was written in both common and elvish.

Fiery Foe

Gordon’s note advised he would be gone for a couple of days and that anyone was welcome to borrow his boat provided they returned it. Pyhora tied the mare to a tree in a grassy location behind the hut and amended the note to advise Gordon that if the boat wasn’t returned he was to keep the mare as an exchange, though he hoped to return the boat. While the exchange might be close in financial value; the old man wouldn’t be catching many fish with the horse. The boat was a decent enough craft. A fifteen footer she easily accommodated the party and their gear. Piloting her was a breeze and in less than a quarter of an hour the marine had directed the craft and her crew to the lighthouse. Argon sent his familiar up the lighthouse revealing the structure vacant. Following Argon’s direction the party descended the stairs into the basement of the structure. It was mentioned the previous journey encountered a fire elemental. The familiar scouted most of the floor locating a room with a summoning circle containing a tome in it’s center. As the familiar crossed into the circle’s interior Argon felt a sudden separation of the link was broken. “Ahhhh!”, the cleric fumed in frustration. “I had cast light on my spell casting focus and had the familiar carrying it so I could see!” Bright light could be seen growing closer and closer and the party retreated behind a puddle pooling on the floor hoping to perhaps use the water to some advantage against the creature. Wounds were sustained and healing was required but the party defeated the creature without extreme difficulty. After failing to land a few spells Montgomery entered the melee prompting Pyhora to exclaim, “Welcome to the barbecue, Colonel.” Several times during the battle Montgomery healed Pyhora hastening an attack by the marine as smooth teamwork eliminated the threat. As it’s flames were extinguished the molten armor and scimitars the creature had been using crumbled into a powdery residue most likely ash but not investigated. Argon retrieved his amulet, the party took a short rest, and then descended the stairs leading into the inner harbor beneath the lighthouse.

With extreme caution, our heroes crossed a narrow stone viaduct crossing an apparent bottomless chasm. The narrow span proved unnerving to all but Silthon who crossed last with confidence and style. The ensuing chamber coated in a magical darkness which dispelled when Zoren entered boldly. Though the source of the illumination eluded them the party found nothing but crates and a ship some 15 feet from the ledge. While the party explored the crates, Pyhora was more interested in finding a way onto the ship. Before anyone could do much the undead crew climbed the eastern precipice and advanced on the party. One of the three clerics in the party cast something which decimated the crew as the captain approached from the rear. Both Argon and Montgomery attempted to turn the ghost without success. Montgomery went down quickly in a heap. After some difficulty with the two remaining crew members Silthon, aided by some of the abundant healing, rose to his feet to finish them off as they advanced on Zoren. Argon and Silthon both succumbed to the horrifying visage of the captain but fought valiantly, Silthon actually overcoming his fear and land several blows. Sadly, Argon met his demise and it looked several times like the rest of the party would join him. Pyhora fell following several vicious blows in response to his threats to end the captain and take his ship. Using the last of his healing, Zoren brought the fighter back to his feet and the marine landed the finishing blow against this nemesis. Freed from his curse the captain reappeared at the helm of his ship and begged the parties forgiveness for the damage he had inflicted. He vowed to take Argon as a member of his crew. He explained how he had fallen for a maid and shanghaied her. Her father cursed him and sealed he and his crew inside the cavern beneath the lighthouse. With the curse broken the chamber opened to the open sea. Argon’s body was retrieved, Montgomery’s unconscious form was also brought aboard the ship, and the captain gave the group a ride back to White Moon Cove after Gordon’s boat was returned to the dock outside his hut. Prior to disembarking Pyhora conveyed the fate of Rôthzagar to Captain Blackhawk and requested he seek out her crew, including his Sargent Cyrik, and offer them a place aboard his vessel. The captain promised to aid the party if they ever found themselves in need asea and sailed off into the sunset.