Party: Abel (Leader), Sneks, Indarasul, Snowball (Scout), Rose (Trailblazer)

Rose’s War Diary, Ninth Mission

Day 1

a team was gathered to try and deal with the gnoll problem we had been facing lately around WMC. we talked to a guard to see where the latest trouble spots were, but he seemed quite uninformed, only knowing about an encounter a friend of his claimed to have had at the outpost, where a gnoll band a few weeks ago went into the swamp apparently to retrieve something.
we decided to head north towards the tempest plains, as the roadbuilding there had been stopped due to the gnoll problem.

Day 2

we met the hobgoblins of the bloodeye clan. took me a bit to realize that they were the ones we freed from that demoness a while ago. they were friendly, but greatly reduced in numbers. they have a kind of understanding with the gnolls to leave each other alone. they advised us of the rough border to the gnoll territories, and we headed out again in that direction.

Day 3

during the night, we encountered a drow with her orc and halforc guards and the slaves they were transporting to another market. abel refused to engage them, and without the backing of the team i could not hope to defeat them alone.
we headed north-east towards the border area we had been told about, and passed it without incident. several miles beyond that point, we’ve found a scout group of gnolls that we easily dispatched with. unfortunately we were unable to gather information. it being late in the day, we decided to move away a little bit and make camp for the night.

Day 4

gnolls use drums to communicate between their teams. high level of organization. disciplined fighters. very powerful. hunting party leader employed several magical items. issued challenge, sneks accepted. hunted us like deer, considered us about as much threat as deer. they took sneks. couldn’t stop them. they could easily have killed us all, but we weren’t worth the distraction.
found a naked guy on the side of the road back. healed him. escorted him back to back to the bloodeye clan. sounded like he claims to have been teleported here after getting robbed far away.