We searched along the coast for a mysterious lighthouse that had only been sighted recently. Considering how reclusive the island is, it was worth investigating a lighthouse that had appeared out of seemingly nowhere. We happened to see a lost chicken. Gaven tried talking to it, but like most chickens, its intelligence was limited. Unable to help it find its way back home, we were wondering what to do when Greko gobbled it up, feathers and all. In hindsight, it was a slightly unfortunate decision as the chicken belonged to Gordan.

The chicken never saw it coming.

We met a reclusive gnome living in a cave named Namwubeg Mamikmoss. The cave had an old magic circle, but Namwubeg did not know what it did as it was there before him. Suddenly, we were attacked by giant spiders and the gnome, who cast a spell that caused a piercing shatter that grievously injured two of our party. He tried to escape and burned me with a fire bolt, but Greko’s zombie prevented his escape. Once the spiders were killed, he surrendered with tears, claiming that the spiders had threatened his life and forced him to follow their orders. It was strange how he could understand spiders. After some debate, during which Greko suggested eating him, Gaven was able to convince the others to keep the gnome captive for questioning. After he was tied, I suggested sticking him in a barrel in the cave. The others agreed. We left him there to pick up on the way back. Though beaten, tied, and likely soiled in his undergarments, at least he wasn’t eaten. We left him with a ration so he wouldn’t starve.

Namwubeg Mamikmoss

We found a house with pigs and chickens near the beach and met a local fisherman named Gordan. The chicken had belonged to him, and we thought better than to bring it up. He mentioned that he saw a lighthouse that appeared about a week ago out of nowhere. He had lived on island for a while but had never seen it before. The lighthouse was not far from the coast, but he had never gone on shore in fear of dangers. He also mentioned a strange ship had appeared several days ago with green light before disappearing.


Gordan took us to the isle with the eerie lighthouse looming up ahead with the wind swirling. The path to the lighthouse was well maintained, and the house next to the structure opened its doors by itself. As Gaven and Oogway searched inside, a number of creatures of the sea that looked different from tritons appeared from the sea holding spears. They controlled a large beast with claws, reminding me of a lobster. It was powerful, gripping Greko and the zombie, making Greko risk getting killed if not for Vahn. My caution got the better of me, and I was not able to help as much as I could. After much effort, the clawed creature was taken down after making it fall asleep with a spell from Bill and Greko knocking it down a cliff. Oogway wanted to eat it, but judging from his heavy wounds, I doubt he was unhappy for long. Two of the spear holding creatures dove back into the sea, so it is likely that the next time explorers come here, they will be better prepared…

Gaven searched the lighthouse and found some money and magic stones that emanated light at the top. The magic seemed to be fading though. Gordan took us back to his home and had us stay home for the night. We returned to town after picking up the gnome in the barrel and managed to make it back to town with the mystery of the lighthouse lingering in our minds…