PCs: alott

Isaacs Reinforcements
I heard a group of brave adventures, including Artix, Isaac, Elril, Haru, Jabb, Nim and many others others, was heading out to find and stop Malady and her Rot. Sadly I was not able to join them, as I had to do some other stuff before. So I sat in the inn later, thinking of them and how they might have fared so fare.
As suddenly Isaac appeared, searching fro brave adventures coming back with him to help, them, as they finally had found there Malady was hiding. Ragna, Hjalrig, Vuldred, Morel and myself, followed Isaacs call and he teleported back with us to the group.

Of Doors, tentacles and,,, more Doors
We arrived at the entrance to a dungeon, blocked by some door. It seems Nim had fallen and after Stix, now a dagonborn, instead of a goblin, checked the door and tried finding out a meaning for the the holes and how the door might open, Jabb took the thieves tools of Nims dead body and unlocked the door. All while almost everybody was surrounding Ragna to be protected in her Aura.

We moved in the dungeon and there stopped by a carpet of black ichor. Isaacs Water elemental was attacked by fiery tentacles as soon as it touched the black Ichor. I meditated for a bit and gave half of us the ability to walk over Water. Stix did go forward, and while he did not step on the ichor and was a short distance above it, the heat was enough, that fiery tentacles slashed out after him. I healed him back up and Morel had a better plan. He created a watery sphere floating some feat in the air and flying over the Ichor, in which we could swim or walk over for a bit. With that trick, we all made it over to the other side.

Only to be stopped by another door. There were some pressure plates before the door and as and Morel had the idea that maybe both plates have to be pressed at the same time and as he and another were putting them self on it, A volley of Magic missiles came fro the back, almost sending Hjalrig to the ground. We di another try, giving more caution to the weight we put on the plates, only to this time having magic missiles coming out from the front, obliterating Squeaks. Finally Isaac had a plan, he dispelled the Magic missiles, only to have their magic be restored after a few seconds. He Dispelled them again and Ragna used the time, to came forth, hitting the Door with a special hammer, completely disintegrating it. We then all quickly rushed through the door. 

The greeting committee and another Way to stop sacrifices
We were greeted by some vile creatures and Morel went forth, talking with them in a language I could not understand, only for the big rot-creatures to rush forward and attack Morel. The Rot creature then spread some disease, and I had to cast some lesser Restoration to move and act freely again. Against the sheer force of our party they had not much to bring against us, and we quickly defeated them.

Moving forward through some more doors we disturbed a group of 4 priests bringing sacrifices, in the way of killing other helpless gnolls, elves, humans or other creatures. While the Priests were quick defeated, the Prisoners there still in danger and some of them died in those apparatuses. and as we were trying to rescue as many of them before being sacrificed, Ragna just killed the last one instead of freeing them.

The end of Malady
We headed forward, the entrances of a another big room, where we finally faced Malady and more of her Minions. Isaac took Ragna with him oon a short trip, through a dimension door direct towards Malady, and shortly after Uzza took the strategy, taking Artix with them. Then a Wall of Rot appeared in the middle of the Room, separating  those 4 from the Rest of our Group. Malady then casted a circle of death, hurting us in the back. But I was able to cure wounds quickly of a lot of us, just before Isaacs Elemental went berserk , and we had to finish it off. After a long and daunting fight, where i could not see much of what was happening behind the Wall of Ichor and was trying my best to keep everyone alive, we finally defeated Malady.

The Aftermath and end of the Rot.
After Malady was defeated, the Power of the Rot was lessened and after I used some lesser restoration on my self the Ichor things on my back popped open and vanishing, leaving behind some dried up ichor and scars. The scars looked worrisome and I went off to see William in the kef guildhall, or better in the surgical wing of the guildhall. With some medical care, a bit of healing magic as well of lots of restoration magic, we were able to cure ourselfs fully from the Rot and it seems this time it is permanent and not just suppressed. Finally after weeks I’m able to get some clear mind again, and I feel not so dirty anymore. Together we helped others with curing the Rot, or at least taking care of those nasty scars.