This is the second logging of events that I have played a part in and the things I have observed and learned from them as a result.

Day 1,

Both old and new have been brought together to further our investigation into the Gnome Ezekial, Despite my Ineffectiveness last mission I have been invited back, I will try to prove myself!!!

Familiar allies included: Gax the Druid and Kita the Sorceress. Newer allies included Medicus the Cleric, Tarryn the Sorcerer and Kaleb the Warlock

We begin this day transporting a Keg of ale to the Bugbear Brock lee. We viewed a stag but it hasn’t presented a problem, just claiming its territory. We end this day’s journey and make camp, for now, I shall rest for later is my watch.

I have awoken for my watch, I was informed of passing Caravan by Kita and Medicus offered some kind words, I am maintaining my position by the fire and watching the trees. Thankfully uneventful though the weather has changed, I will now wake the next watch.

Day 2,

Gax has awoken us, we have started to maintain a steady course toward our destination. As we draw closer to the Bugbear I and the rest of the party observe guests, the caravan from last night? Kita and Gax have moved forward to discuss particulars, he seems pleased with the ale.

Brock Lee is showing us a doorknob, Kita has brought up my knowledge and we both will check this item for arcana but alas I could tell nothing. Gax has observed our struggles and through a bizarre ritual has identified the thing as Ezekiel’s Door Knob.

Ezekiel’s Door Knob

We feast tonight of both ale and pig, I hear there is a hunt tonight. It is certainly a fine quality of ale. It is night but I hear a crash. It seems to be the crashing of an Orc statue from the Ogres: Dee and Dum, Medicus seems to have the situation handled, I’m heading back to rest.

Day 3,

It seems early morning as I awake, no one seems around so I’ll warm some tea. People seem to be waking. Now we take our leave.

Gax was up to something peculiar, the doorknob he was given, it looked as if he was trying to turn it in plain air??? That’s either good mimicry or? It can open something in mid-air???

We have travelled to a dungeon. Will try to keep log updated, Nothing so far just corridors. Looks like trouble is ahead!

I would provide assistant if I could but these tunnels are too narrow, for now, I shall watch the rear with Kaleb. Kaleb has pushed ahead. Kita has appeared, her face is bloodied a misfired spell? Unfortunately, I cannot assist her.

Dismay fills my heart as yet again I continue to not provide any use to my party? No now is no time for such thoughts I must re-attune myself to the battle. Though difficult, I cast some spells through the corridor and past my allies. They weren’t as effective as I hoped and I have even grown weak from one spell I failed to cast.

It has finally been slain. Twas identified during battle as a Nothic and it put up a fight preventing us from entering this room, I feel bad for Medicus who had to bear the brunt of its blows.


We have sat down to rest. What is that?!?! We face brains on legs??? They really did a number on me, I think I heard someone call them Intellect devourers? Thanks to swift action from the party and deliverance of power from Kita. Grax has taken the initiative to head through one of the doors. What’s this? He’s found a scroll of some kind? I shall inspect it. I can’t translate this. I understand its lettering; Derived from Dwarvish, still, I know Goblin, Dwarvish, Primordial… How peculiar, we shall see if anyone else can make sense of it.

Intellect Devourer

Kaleb is able to translate it but we are awaiting his ritual to be complete. Another Nothic appeared just after the ritual has finished, in rage, I attempted a more barbaric strategy opting to use my Quarterstaff, out of practice for I missed, though my next spell; Chill touch did hit and the rest of the party acted splendidly. We surrounded the creature and made quick work of it.

Kaleb has informed us that it’s a note written by a Gnome, perhaps it’s this Ezekiel fellow mentioned by Snaggletooth in the previous dungeon? {OOC If you haven’t please check the first Issue ;P} I shall raise this concern to the Party. Gax agrees and has informed us to more of the backstory behind our quests. Ezekiel is tainted by the influence of the Deep ones seeking to ‘open a great door’ could this be for them??? Snaggletooths dying testament confirms his brother mad even asking that we stop Ezekial and as said by Kaleb the scroll he is reading seems as if it were written by a madman.  

We have decided to head back, for now, Kaleb alerted me to the fact those Intellect devourers were actually scouts for a more menacing foe… As we neared the exit we were almost ambushed by these vicious looking insectoid creatures. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good enough image of them to sketch.

We have made camp. It is time for my watch, the area is looking secur- There is a door shaped Altar… The Previous watch did not inform me of this, I shall wake Gax and ask his opinion for he has proven he’s experienced with these things. Gax lit a torch via the fire, cast an enchantment to brighten the flame. He recommended we leave the door and I shall pay attention to it until my watch is over.

Day 4,

The Altar caused no more trouble after I awoke the next watch. We have made it back to White Moon Cove.

I find with the dangers of this Island I am more inclined to pray toward my deity: Nomog-Geaya. I will follow tradition and pray via training my mind as well as my body, I shall resolve to research techniques in Smithing. Though Nomog-Geaya is more a god of War and Authority he should hear my prayer for I seek a stronger defence for warfare.

Aside from this, I can only wonder what this Ezekial fellow seeks to do and if we are too late to stop his devilish and mad intent!

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