DM: Grumpy
PCs: Vuldred, Hjalrig, Addison, Aurum, Ragna, Jax

I seriously had thought i left that part of my adventures behind me, but then we set up camp some nightmares befell me. At first it there just snakes crawling around and over me, but then it changed and i could feel the spider hairs coming all out again. Have the drow found me, do they want revenge? I woke up screaming and bathed in sweat, frightened to no end, looking around i could see that everyone was sleeping.

But there were no drow i could see, just some snake like creatures, evilly grinning at us. I shouted “We have company, wake up” and then just run for my live. Shortly after the sensation of fear stopped. I gathered my self, realizing that i had some really bad dreams, but still was my self and had no Spider hairs or such things and could see that we were fighting some yuan-ti.

The one that gave me those bad dreams created darkness left and right but we managed to overcome those creatures. Ragna got a little angry towards is Horsie in the end as it finished the last of the yuan-ti, just before Ragna could bring on a final blow. We continued our rest and as we woke up in the morning, Vuldred stood beside many acorns and one of his eyes was a bit blue.

As I was looking for camp side for the next night i stumbled across a frozen pond covered in snow. Vuldred moved over the pond and the ice started cracking, he rushed back, sliding a bit but holding his feet. Just in case i casted Waterwalk so he would not drown in th cold water if he had slipped.  Addison picked up some snow and his hand seemed to become gray. Ragna tired to lay his hands on her and the shadows started creeping on him to, i casted dispel magic on Ragna and i could feel the shadows repelled my attempt, i tired again with more clerical power and was able to dispel them. Ragna followed and dispelled it on Addison. We moved hastily away from this and all the snow and the pond disappeared Discussing it with Ragna, it seemed to be some week spot between the material and some demonic plane there the two merge from time to time.

Looking for a better suited place to make camp we encountered some desecrated alter. keeping a good distance from it we camped in eyesight of it. During Addison ‘s and my watch, Addison incorporated some flowers into Hjalrig hair, but he wasn’t amused and put them out.

In the morning Vuldred wanted to check out the alter. While the others searched the place carefully and examining the rune on the altar, I detected magic and could sense conjuration magic from the altar and the stone pillars around. I told the others about it and what it is the form of teleporting and summoning. Not really listening, Vuldred casually walked near one of those pillars and disappeared and the rune from the Altar also appeared on the pillar. I could sense the conjuration magic getting stronger and then slowly fading away again. Seeing this Aurum touched the stone, disappeared and reappeared shortly after. Ragna shouted at the others to don’t mess around and with this and i circled in a save distance around this place, detecting more conjuration magic.

As I was finishing my round I saw Aurum casting a shatter on one of the Pillars and Hjalrig and Addison disappeared, Addison reappeared shortly after. The remaining of us walked a bit away and I threw a lightning bolt at the stones. The magic got succeed into it, seeming to open the portal a bit. As we lacked more clues our best bet was to wait and see if Vuldred and Hjalrig would somehow reappear again. Using another lightning bolt I send some potatoes towards our two comrades, at least I hope so. after waiting for two hours, we discussed to head back to WMC, asking for help and see if they could get rescued, or wait for a bit longer.

We waited for the rest of the day and night. Getting pelted with goodberrys I woke up, seeing Addison throwing them at me from a tree, Well i guess it was time for my watch. There was a dead dinosaur body near us. It looked like a bigger predator just turned it apart Our comrades there still missing, and we had to head back to town, maybe Isaac can help.

Back in White Moon Cove i made sure that the cursed amulet is still safely put away in my room. I searched for guidance and prayed to Eldath. This nightmare I had  made it clear. iI have to find a way to cleanse the corruption from the Amulet.