DM: Geokhan

Players: Agatha, Pyhora, Tremere, Depthcaller, Stitches

Scrawled upon a water stained scroll in squids ink is the following.

I woke, as though for the sole purpose of aiding this group I had found myself mistakenly amongst. As though if I had not been there I would not have woken.

We travelled down a long land bidden road headed for some quaint farmstead, where the residents had disappeared and something called a Dire Corgi was being thought to have caused it, we quickly deduced it was not the situation.

The tracker of our group discovered tracks leading to a mist filled town, it reminded me of something, it felt like home but things were off, the town was much to small… the statue of a daemon did not aid this wrongness.

We soon found ourselves under onslaught by shadows, sapping our strength one of our crew perished. We removed them from this world and brought our dead home.

Upon arriving back at the cove I could feel this tug in my gut to the ocean, my purpose completed. I do know I shall not be the last Depthcaller nor have I been the first. I shall leave my summons here so that I or any other Depthcaller can be brought from the waves in need of aid, and rest well Agatha, while you neither wrote a will nor did you succumb to undeath, yours shall be a face I remember even if all others are washed away.

The scroll ends, being signed by the Depthcaller.