Date: 03/21/2020

By: Bellamin

DM: Neal

Group: Grimlock (leader), IronDonker (trailblazer), Kavor (scout), Bellamin, Frelsi, Freya

Being new to an established group is never easy but there where three new comers, so that means they must of been though hell last time, and you could tell by there determination to get back there and get the job finished.

The days travel was uneventful and the nights watch was pleasant, trading old Dwarven story’s with Grimlock, and thanking me for joining him and that we needed to get a drink once all this was over.

Once fresh we arrived at the temple where you could see an intense battle had taken place by the scattered body’s and blood staining that were only a few days old. With wisps of smoke being admitted from the entrance we headed in. The dark interior was lit by some sort of glowing fungi and the sound of footsteps could be heard, the ones of some cowardly cultists that after a skirmish fled to the floor below.

On pursuit i led the party in to a dark cavern with the roof space filled with layers and layers of smoke, as i stepped out in to the cavern a realisation that we were ankle deep in larva though no heat or pain of any sort was felt. We discovered that this illusion was a very clever ruse to conceal the fire traps hidden in the floor we pressed on searching for the cultists. On finding our cowardly cultist they were at the feet of a Fire Elemental Myrmidon a immense battle took place and the party took some severe punishment. Though my sacred flame did hurt the beast, it was elegant moves by Kavor and Freya that finally downed the him, and with that the illusion was gone.

The back of the fire room lay a door to a shrine that gave some book of worth to Kavor and scrolls to Grimlock, i was just pleased that all our party were able to see another dawn.

Now off to find Grimlock for that drink